What we will miss: 8 – The Big Gym.

Yesterday I posted about our Homeschool PE group.  Normally we meet at the Tony Bass Gym, but occasionally we have to change locations.  One particular date we did this so that the kids could have a Rock Climbing adventure!  (Nov 4, 2010)

The very first time I met Jessica was at this gym.  We had communicated by email a few times and I arrived late to the PE class.  She, good and pregnant, walked down to meet me so that I, also good and pregnant, would know just where to go to get the bigs to their class.  We were friends from that moment on!  I actually remember sitting in class and her pointing out to me which of the kids was her son, Owen.

Matt goes to this gym every day during lunch to run on the treadmill.  I spent 1o grueling sessions with a personal trainer (at 0600) working to get my body into a healthy condition.  The boys thoroughly love to play racquetball here and they often play basketball while I run the track.  They’ve gotten old enough that, when the gym is fairly empty, I can let all four run around on the basketball court while I run laps around the track, watching them.  It’s kinda nice!  Still, though, I prefer to run outside.  Rain, or a lack of light, often makes this impossible, so the big gym is a very good alternative for our family.

I don’t take a lot of pictures of this gym because when I’m there, I’ve got a mission in mind, and it has nothing to do with photography!  I did snap these the other day on my drive through post, knowing this blog series was coming up.  See the rock-climbing wall?

The boys often enjoyed a few minutes on this playground after a workout inside.

A bit about our trip:

One of the things Matt really wanted to see during our time in Rome was St. Paul’s Outside the Walls.  Paul is Matt’s favorite Bible character, for lack of a better term.  Matt loves his writings and is excited to go to the place where he is buried.

This church will be the first stop today and after we’re finished we’re going to go right back to our apartment and drop everything off, including the stroller and camera.  Our next destination is the Galleria Borghese and we won’t be allowed to bring back-packs, cameras, or strollers in.  Very thankful for my newly-acquired Ergo, as this is how Parker will spend the afternoon!

I’m very excited about all that we’ll see in the gallery, one exhibit being particularly exciting. We’ve studied Bernini extensively and he created a “David” just like Michelangelo did.  Both Davids are beautiful, but they are vastly different.  Super excited for the boys to see this version after having seen Michelangelo’s!

Originally I had Ostia Antica on the schedule for this date, and if we get finished and have the time and energy, we might attempt it.  It’s a town outside of Rome that is currently being excavated.  The boys would probably really enjoy this but I’m fairly certain we’ll be too tired to try this while here.

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