What we will miss: 6 – WEC.

For those non-Wiesbaden-dwellers, the WEC is the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center. Also know as “the bowling alley.”  Our family attended the grand opening of this facility and we’ve been to dozens of events there.

ChapelNext has held two functions there, we’ve had a birthday party or two there, and I’ve gone there on countless girls’ nights and date nights after the rest of Wiesbaden rolls up the carpets.

Matt and I have discovered, late in our tour here, that morning dates are actually a lot more fun in Wiesbaden than evening ones.  We can pick a yummy place for breakfast, hit Starbucks for a cup of coffee, and then shop anywhere we want.  If we go on an evening date, everything’s closed after dinner… except the WEC.

I’m writing this way in advance of our Italy trip, and last night was a prime example of this situation.  I went to dinner with my friends with every intention of taking a long walk through the fields afterwards.  What we hadn’t taken into account was that it’s now getting darker a little earlier.  Our walk was going to be a fairly long one and we would definitely have been out in the absolute dark, so we very quickly realized the only place still open was the WEC.

My only complaint about using this facility for this particular purpose is that it’s so loud.  I really wish they had thought ahead to create a comfy room with couches, tables, etc.   Sort of the coffee-shop feel.  Even with that complaint, I’m just thankful it’s open late and I’ve closed it out on a number of occasions.  Here are some pictures of events we’ve attended at the bowling alley:

ChapelNext takes over the WEC – August 2010

My surprise birthday party, November 2010

Celebration of Brynnley – January 2011

Carson’s 8th birthday – February 2011

ChapelNext goes bowling again… this is Bailey giving it a shot. April 2011

A bit about our trip:

All roads lead to Rome!

Today we head from Livorno to Rome taking the scenic route on the suggestion of a friend who did this trip a few years ago.  We should arrive around lunchtime and will first get settled into our apartment near the Vatican.  Once settled, we’re going to eat lunch at a restaurant we have heard many good things about:  Da Vito e Dina.  Just after that we will stop by the USO to see what they have to offer, and then get our first Roman gelato at Old Bridge Gelateria.

The living room of our Rome Apartment.

Planning our Rome days took some thinking.  I originally started by looking at this, our first day.  I tried to figure out what would best fit in the half-day we have.  After a few hours of struggling I figured out that I should start by filling in my full days first, then go back and fit in the rest on the half-day.  As soon as I changed my method, Rome came together.

We’re going to see the Via Appia and one of the catacombs.  According to the Wikipedia site I linked to, the main section of the Via Appia, one of the first Roman roads, was started and finished in 312 BC.  That’s pretty amazing!  It was built so well that the actual stones are still in place.  They even designed the road so that water would run off to the sides into ditches.

While out this way we are going to see the aqueducts as well.

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