What we will miss: 5 – Food Court.

Food Courts aren’t all that special, really.  But what we do at them can make them so.

My first memory of this food court was from when our little family was still staying in the hotel, during our short 10-day stay there.  While having dinner at the Food Court, I noticed a lady sitting at a nearby booth and she was nursing her infant using one of the really nifty “Hooter Hiders” that I had heard so much about.

When I nursed my first three babies I just used a blanket, but these Hooter Hiders are amazing!  I just had to ask her if she thought they were worth the cost and so I walked up, introduced myself, and asked her opinion.

Heather became my first friend in Germany and within a few weeks we went out for my first of many girls’ nights out!  She PCSed out of Germany quite some time ago but I have not forgotten all the great ways she helped me out:  she took me to doctors appointments before I had a car, showed me how to use a parking garage and a parking meter, introduced me to Vapiano, and generally gave me a warm welcome to Deutschland.

I remember eating dinner here the night Stephanie took me to Landstuhl to get my blood sugar meter thing.  What a sacrifice that was!  She drove four hours to get me.  Then drove me over an hour to the American Hospital in Landstuhl so I could get my meter.  She then drove me back home, in the snow, before having to drive four hours back home.  In the dark and the snow!  That’s a friend, right there.

Soon after that early encounter at the food court our family started going to the contemporary service on WAAF.  We were invited to lunch at the food court by one of the praise team members, Elizabeth, and we joined a fantastic, long-standing tradition.  (We miss the Byrds!)  We have literally eaten at the food court every Sunday that we’ve been here with the rare exception of weeks we were sick or traveling, or when we would have a chapel function somewhere else.  We take over a large portion of the seating area and do our best to put things back where we found them since we like to pull tables together so we can chat.

We celebrated Parker’s actual second birthday here as Matt was flying out that day and we needed a quick way to celebrate on our way to the airport.

While it’s not the most attractive, fancy, or economical choice, it’s a place we’ll miss.

A bit about our trip:

David.  THE David.

Today we’re going to see Michelangelo’s David in Florence.  The boys have been studying this artist for months and will see many of his works of art while on this trip.  Today we are going to see one of his most famous pieces as well as a bit of his hometown.  We will also see the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) that I find fascinating and absolutely fascinating.

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2 Responses to What we will miss: 5 – Food Court.

  1. Oh his little face in front of that cake – I just want to squeeze him…Parker that is.
    So excited to hear all about your trip – I bet you are snapping pictures left and right.

  2. Florence is one of my absolute favorite cities! it has a “David” on every corner! hope you had a great time there :). (and hope you got to see the awesome view of the city from Michelangelo’s Square!)

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