What we will miss: 4 – WAAF.

Call it Clay Kaserne if you like, but we’ll always call it WAAF.  With that said, I like the new name just fine.  I love that the post has been renamed for an American who helped to rebuild Germany after WWII and who instituted Operation Vittles (food dropped to the people in West Berlin) which also included the Candy Bomber.  It’s a great name, but I, for the life of me, can’t seem to remember to call it Clay Kaserne.

Yesterday I shared about our library.  It’s on WAAF.  A few more posts in this series will also feature places we’ll miss that are on WAAF, but today, I’m writing about the ground on WAAF.  I ran my first 10K ever here and find that to be something I’ll miss.  I have my second 10K coming up next month and I’m nervously excited about it.

After the race!

A bit about our trip:

After yesterday’s trips that were close to our base camp, we are going a little farther away with a very full day.  We’re going to Cinque Terre.  This is going to be a highlight of our trip, from what we’ve been told.  I am excited to see the beautiful towns clinging to the cliffs on the west coast of Italy.

I remember when I first saw Cars 2 I fell in love with Porto Corso, the town in Italy featured in the movie.  I assumed it was a real town because Tokyo and London are both real.  Porto Corso was designed to combine several Italian elements that weren’t found all in one town, but, rather, all over Italy.

When I saw my first picture of Cinque Terre, I immediately thought of the movie Cars 2 and decided this was going to be a stop on our trip.  We will tell our Parker that this is where “Chika-lully” is from.  (That’s how he says, “Francesco Bernoulli.”)  Here’s a picture of this amazing town:

And here’s a picture of my brother in this gorgeous town when he back-packed through Europe several years ago.  He sent me an email telling me that this was a must-see place and I was very happy to tell him it was already on our agenda.  I will not be doing this… too cold in October and I don’t jump off cliffs!

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