What we will miss: 3 – Our library.

We have our complaints about our library.  Two, actually.  Severe lack of parking and a lack of air conditioning.

Other than that, we really do like our library.  Yes, I know that there are libraries all over the world, but I like ours.  I feel at home there and the boys have “grown up” in this one. By that, I mean I can let them roam around by themselves and pick out their books. Before now, due to their ages, I’ve needed to keep them all herded together.

Now, I just have to keep Parker semi-quiet.

Hayden got his first Military ID card while we were stationed here so this was the first library he’s been able to check books out all on his own.  This is quite convenient when I want to send him in for a book or two.  I don’t even have to go in with him!  He can even escort his younger two brothers and check their books out for them.  Freedom.  Now if he could only drive…

We have enjoyed three summer reading programs there and I met one of my favorite friends in that library.  (I’m referring to Christy…  She had read my blog before she got to Wiesbaden and I remember after I met her I thought to myself, “I hope she’ll be my friend.”  I’m so thankful she obliged!)

Bailey even won a super awesome desk last summer by participating in the summer reading program!

We get most of our Friday Night Movie Night movies from the library and we check out 50-60 books at a time.  I love that I can reserve books from other Army Europe libraries and they’re delivered to my library.  Makes life so convenient for me!  Again, I know these things aren’t specific to this library, but we will miss this library and I wanted to include it in our book, and therefore, this series.

A bit about our trip:

Today we are going to see one of the most underwhelming “must-see” sites on the Europe check-list.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.

Most people who have been to see the Leaning tower of Pisa have told me that there’s not much to see, and that it will take all of 20 minutes to get our fill.

That information as well as the fact that it’s so close to Camp Darby are precisely why I placed this on our our agenda for today.   I decided something close, simple, and fast would be good after having spent all day in the car yesterday.

After seeing Pisa we are heading to Lucca, a town nearby famous for being the birthplace of an Italian Opera composer, Puccini.  After we’ve seen this town we’ll head back to Camp Darby for dinner nearby, hopefully at a restaurant on the water.

(I find it very interesting and completely ironic that the day I am going to Lucca to see the birthplace of Puccini is the very day I had randomly chosen to post about our library!  The picture I selected to use above is of an item we requested from Grafenwoher and had delivered to our library.)

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