What we will miss: 1 – Series intro.

Matt and I are going to miss so much about Germany when we move.  Some of it has to do with Germany itself, some with Europe in general, and others pertain more to our family’s life while we’ve been here.

During the next eighteen days I’m going to be sharing a series of posts that document what we will miss as we move away from this amazing place.  Part of why I’m doing this is because I need a way to continue to blog daily while on the road.  I’m writing these a month early and will schedule them to post while we’re in Italy.  I will have a small bit at the bottom of each day’s post that tells where we are (or where we are supposed to be, anyway) along our journey to Italy and back.  Another reason I’m doing this is because I was already planning my “Germany Photo Book” that will document in photo and text our time here.  I made a book like this for our time on Ferry Road in NC and one for our time in Columbia.  I never made the Colorado one, but will once I get my Germany one made.  Since I was already jotting down my ideas for the Germany book, I thought I’d turn them into a series to share with you.

These posts are going to be in no particular order.  I just jotted down several things and am going to write about them as I think of things I want to remember.

So that’s the intro!  That’s what you will find posting for the next couple of weeks while I’m busy seeing the land of gladiators, artists, volcanos, and amazing coffee.

A bit about our trip:

Today is the last prep day before we leave.  Tomorrow we’re leaving bright and early and I figured I’d start this series now so I will have all of today to get the last minute things done. So far this year I’ve responded to each and every one of the comments I’ve gotten on this blog and usually within a day.  I won’t have internet access for most of the next eighteen days so please forgive me if I don’t get back to you quickly!

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5 Responses to What we will miss: 1 – Series intro.

  1. Christy says:

    I know you’ll be very busy, but WordPress has a pretty nifty app that makes comment replies and moderation super easy. I’d be a pain to type a whole post that way, but for comments, it’s great! SOOOO excited for your trip, and I can’t wait to hear about it!!

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  3. The mug is terrific — and I love the ‘Deutschland’ on the backside. Lovely photo too! May your mugs stay strong!

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