Made to Crave: 22 (self-discipline)

Today I reached a mental and physical milestone that I’ve been dreading/looking forward to.  8 miles outside.  I’ve only run that distance one other time and it was on a treadmill at a zero incline.  Until recently I never even attempted more than 6.2, just enough to let me survive a 10K.

Eventually I want to be able to run a 10-miler, so I’ve been working my way up to that point, with today being “the day” I hit that 8 mile mark.

Before I left I posted on a private Facebook group that I was nervous about today’s run.  I got encouragement from those in the group and headed out on my run, with butterflies in my stomach.  Just before I stepped out my door, the thought, “You were not created with a spirit of fear,” entered my mind.  I knew that there was a scripture on that so I did my best to remember the rest of it.

When it didn’t come to me within a minute of walking, I used my handy-dandy iPhone to look it up and when I read the full scripture I realized that it was meant just for me, and just for that moment.

Check out the screen shot of my phone, in particular the very last word of the verse:


I’ve read this scripture dozens of times before but never noticed that it mentioned self-discipline!  I had no reason to fear this run because I was not given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and self-discipline!  Yes, I do all of this (run, watch my diet, Insanity, etc.) through Christ who gives me strength, but the Lord also helps me with self-discipline! I may not have wanted to run today but I did anyway.

That just made my day.  I’m going to confess something that a good Chaplain’s wife probably shouldn’t:  I haven’t had an official quiet time in a few months.  I love quiet times in the morning with my Bible, a study book, and my journal.  But this journey has been so totally different and I’ve found that Jesus is happily meeting me on my runs, and today even gave me a scripture that applied perfectly.  I didn’t have my Bible on me but I had 3G and that worked just fine today.

And I accomplished that muddy run in 1:19:26.

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