Here’s something I don’t know much about.  Beer.  (Bier in German.)

What I do know is that though I like the smell of some beer because it smells like bread baking, most beers just don’t appeal to me.  Matt has found one that he really enjoys and even went so far as to drive to this whole other country all by himself to purchase a couple of cases to send back to the states.

At the rate Matt drinks, this beer will last him for quite some time!  This beer is supposedly the best beer in the entire world, and is ranked very highly by multiple beer aficionados.

If you want to read about this really cool monastery, check out this site.  Matt had to call the special number about 100 times.  When he finally got through he had to tell them what kind of beer he wanted, how many cases, and our license plate number.  (You can only buy two crates at a time.)

On the specified date he drove to their monastery, pulled up to the door, opened the trunk, and the worker (not a monk) checked his license plate number, put the beer in the car.  Matt paid and drove off.  Not much to it, as they don’t allow tours of the monastery and the shop was closed.

I called him every hour on the hour to make sure he was not dozing while driving.  He was having a great time listening to about 20 podcasts while to pass the time.

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