Sweet Sunday

Today was a good day, even though we had to put Matt back on another plane. He’s gone on so many short trips this fall and this is the final one. I remember looking at our calendars a few months ago when planning our Italy trip and seeing this one that bumps right up against it.  Matt returns Saturday morning and we leave Monday.  Cutting it close!

I remember thinking that when we hit the “Denver trip” we’ll be GOLDEN!  Italy will be just around the corner.  I currently have butterflies in my stomach as I think about what I’ll be doing a week from now.  I hope to be asleep by 9 (hold me to that!) so that we can wake early and get a good start on our longest driving day of the 17 day trip.

I hate going to bed not knowing if Matt’s landed safely, but I don’t have much choice.  He had a much later flight today than usual so he won’t land until sometime in the middle of my night.

While he’s gone I have my days scheduled down to the minute to fit all the things in that I want to do… including exercise.  Today I ran 7.5 miles for the first time (outside).  I think we have a good plan for our exercise routine while we’re traveling.  I have several nap-times scheduled so one of us will exercise then, and the other of us will exercise in the morning or evening.  I hope we will have the energy to do so!

This afternoon I took two of the boys to a soccer field while the others stayed with friends in the neighborhood and played.  I snapped this picture of my blondies as they walked toward me.  I loved how the sun was shining off of their hair… Hayden, however, put his hat back on before I could get the picture.  But that’s who he is, and I didn’t even think to ask him to take it off.

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