Happy Birthday DAD!!!

Today is my dad’s birthday!


I didn’t forget to mail him something. I thought about it a dozen times… ever since I neglected to mail my mom a card for her birthday last month.  I just never got around to it.  I am STILL the worst daughter ever!  Mom forgave me since I posted a cute picture of Parker on my blog dedicated to her.

While I think that would also work on my dad, I’m going to change it up a bit.  In order to win his forgiveness I’m going to post a picture of me giving blood today!

Giving blood in honor of my dad.

This was my view while I gave blood.  Every now and then Bailey would pop in and ask me a question and he even attempted to take my picture.  He’s just not quite still enough to get one that’s not blurry.

Dad, I’m honored to be your daughter and I’m thankful God placed me in your family.  I am grateful that you raised me exactly the way you did with the ultra-high standards that I am now trying to instill in my children.

Several times now you’ve prayed over me and my family the blessing, “May the Lord’s face shine upon you…”  What I doubt you realize is that when He placed me into your care, His face most certainly shined upon me.  And because of your blessing on my marriage, I am safely in the care of my awesome husband.  (Ultra-high standards… remember?)

I look forward to being able to celebrate Christmas with you guys and, who knows… maybe we’ll be a little closer next fall so that we could have a serious fall birthday bash!

I love you!

And one more thing.  My “little” cousin turns 16 today!  I remember waiting on his arrival my first semester of college… (oh man, I just dated myself).  He turned out to be, at that point, the cutest baby ever born!  Now that I’ve had a few of my own, his title is slightly challenged, but I do have to say, Parker sort of resembles him at 2.  I’ll have to find a few pictures of Brett at 2 and compare them for you.

Brett, have a fantastic 16th Birthday!!!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday DAD!!!

  1. Tony Hyatt says:

    Thank you beautiful! To be clear, you are the BEST daughter ever. You bring joy to me words cannot describe and I would not trade a card in the mail for your love, your amazing ability to remember the good, your life, the blessings of 4 handsome grandsons… I could go on and on and on. I Love you, all my kisses today are yours! dad

    • Jennifer says:

      Aw, Dad! thanks! So glad to be your daughter!! I love you!

      And look at you, commenting directly on the blog! Let me know if you get this. And also, let me know if you get a barrage of other emails. I’m fairly certain you won’t be inundated with extra emails!

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