Candle season!

I love candles.  I don’t burn candles during any time other than fall and, of course, the Christmas season.

Yankee Candles are my favorite so far, and the new Pumpkin Buttercream is amazing!

I bought one a few weeks ago and it’s already gone.  I was quite sad when I tried to light it and it had already reached the end of the wick.

I decided to get every last minute out of that candle that I could.

The wick on my Farmer’s Market was still pretty long, as I hadn’t trimmed it for its next use.  (A tall wick is imperative for this particular trick to work).

First, I put my candle in a small pot of boiling water, melting all the rest of the Pumpkin Buttercream until it was a liquid.

Then I veeeeeeeeerry carefully poured the molten liquid into the Farmer’s Market candle, making sure not to fill it past the wick.

Below you’ll see the liquid Pumpkin Buttercream on top of the solid Farmer’s Market, and I’ve lit my candle… all is right in the world.

See?  Empty candle with nothing wasted.

(Disclaimer:  You can get hurt doing this.  Yankee Candle would not recommend that you try this, so please take that into consideration.  I’ve done this several times and I just keep in mind that melted candle wax is really hot.  Do the same, and you’ll be fine.)

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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4 Responses to Candle season!

  1. Hey Jennifer,
    I just can’t help myself!!!! Scentsy never ever wastes! and you won’t take the chance of getting hurt! There are many fall and christmas scents with detailed descriptions 🙂
    I just couldn’t call myself a Scentsy Consultant if I didn’t share here lol 🙂
    We are trying for Germany or Japan next! Your photos and journey are amazing!! I can’t wait to see the ones from Italy !

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