Cloudy and no rain = outside running

It was not raining today!  It wasn’t even misting today, so I went for a run… outside.

Guess what?  It’s rained for an entire week so my fields were just a little muddy.

This picture took me twenty seconds (I could explain exactly why it took that long but I’d bore you so I’ll won’t.)  Had I not stopped to take this picture, my stats would have been 4.5 miles in 43 minutes.  I’m cool with that.

The fields got worse the farther I went and I felt like I was tip-toeing through the mud so I wouldn’t slip.  I probably looked funny, but it didn’t matter.  I was alone in the fields.  All the other runners predicted the mud and stayed in the city and neighborhoods.  BOOOORING.

My shoes looked rough by the time I got home… my socks were pretty gross, too!

I know some of my friends have done “mud runs” and their shoes are destroyed after those runs.  I’m not that kinda runner, and I like my shoes to look new.  Oh well!  They no longer look new but I had a good run, and it was eventful.  It was a challenge to not fall, to keep as much mud from entering my shoes as possible, and to keep up my pace after 5 days of doing an indoor exercise program instead of running.  Though I must say, I’m always pleasantly surprised after taking a break from running to do Insanity.  I never find that I’ve lost endurance or strength, and actually think it trains me well.

Now, I’m wiped out.  Thursdays are long days for the Hamrick family.  We’re all pretty tired.  But I must mention this, even though it has nothing to do with my running-post:

TODAY WAS OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE SUMMER (fall/winter) BREAK!  We have done school continuously for quite some time, schooling from the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year and then all through the summer, and we are FINALLY taking a break.  October, November, and December… they’re OURS to enjoy!

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