Rain ≠ outside running

I remember recently asking on FB whether I should run outside or do Insanity one day.  The votes were cast in favor of running outside because the weather was so beautiful.  I agreed because I knew that fall weather was coming and with it, rainy days that would keep me indoors.

I’m not a hard-core runner like my husband, who lost his first toe-nail yesterday.  (I’m not jealous.  Much.)  I don’t run in the rain at all.  Not even if it’s misting, because misting can quickly turn to a nasty downpour.

This week has been a perfect, fall week with leaves strating to fall, chestnuts crashing onto the cars outside my window, and what most people would call “gloomy” skies.  I absolutely love gray skies and love the rain.  I have done Insanity every day, but find I’m missing the fields.  I wanted to get out to run today, but it was misting, and I already told you what that means:  No outside running.

I’ve enjoyed the weather, but hope to find some clear skies to run in over the course of the next week.  And I just think it would be nice for my fair-weather-loving friends to have a day that they think is pretty.

Until then, I’ll enjoy this gorgeously-gloomy day!  (With fall-scented candles burning, of course.)

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8 Responses to Rain ≠ outside running

  1. A Proud American! says:

    I’m lacing up my sneakers as I read this to run in the rain 🙂

  2. Love those gloomy days myself! I guess because I am a November baby myself :)(

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