Casting my vote.

Earlier this semester the boys and I created a Lapbook from KnowledgeBox Central.  Its theme was the Presidential Election.

We researched, cut out things, used Google to find the answers to questions.  Ours isn’t fancy, but it’ll do.

I tried to stress the importance of voting and making our voices heard.

When our absentee ballots arrived we mades sure to let the boys see them.  Voting by absentee ballot isn’t nearly as exciting as going to the polls, hiding in a little traveling-closet, voting, and getting a sticker, but what can I do?  I’m overseas.

So, the boys got a chance to look at our real ballots, saw that we bubbled in the circle next to our favorite candidate (take a guess), and they saw the official envelope we were to use to mail them back in.

This piece of paper represents what my husband wears a uniform for.  The right to select our government officials.  I don’t take that lightly.

I’m praying for the generation of leaders being raised right now who will stand up for what is right, who will be willing to place their names on ballots such as this one, and will make hard decisions.  I am also praying for their parents as they raise those future leaders.

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