Toddler-proof iPhone case

So maybe this isn’t an actual iPod case, but it’s working for me.

My problem started when I occasionally wanted to let Parker hold my iPhone so I could finish a task that needed my attention. He wanted to watch the episode of Veggietales I put on there for him, but his little fingers kept touching the screen, pausing it, changing the volume, etc.

After that happened a few times, he got smart and started removing apps and rearranging my folders. Not fun for me.

I think Apple should make an option (if they haven’t already) that allows moms to set the iPod on lock mode, running a movie, but not allow the child to change anything by touching the screen or pressing the home button. There’s a special combination of buttons to push to take a screenshot of the phone… there could be a different special combination to lock/unlock the screen and home button, making the movie just work like I want it to.

Until they create it or I figure it out, I need something.

I tried to use a few different things before I ran across the perfect item in Real, our version of a Wal-Mart.


This particular item (a cheapo sandwich keeper) keeps my iPhone safe, allows sound to get out if I want it to, but also allows the earbud cable to fit through, now that I’ve carved out a little hole for it.


No more little fingers touching the screen and moving my apps!


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