Happy Birthday, MOM!

I have the most understanding mom in the WORLD!  Her last year’s birthday present hasn’t been delivered yet.  I haven’t even made it yet… that makes me the worst daughter she has!

This year’s birthday present can’t be made yet, so I’m off the hook for now on THIS one.  However, I didn’t send her a card, which proves, yet again, that I am her worst daughter.

Every year as I create my Year In Review Shutterfly book, I order an extra one for her birthday gift.  Since her birthday is in September, I have to give her the gift after New Years since I want to put everything from the current year in the book.  I know what you’re thinking… why not give it to her for Christmas.  Or Mother’s Day.

I don’t have an answer for you.  This is just the deal we have!  And I’m falling really behind!  It’s a good thing she’s a very nice, sweet, awesome mom.  (Yes, I’m buttering her up in hopes that she’ll forgive me, since I won’t even be able to call her on her birthday as I won’t be home.)

Mom, even though we didn’t get a card in the mail and I didn’t complete the 2011 YIR book anytime in the last 9 months, I am thankful you’re my mom and that tomorrow is the day the entire world celebrates your life!

Maybe you’ll forget all about my shortcomings if I put a cute picture of Parker at the bottom of this page… get ready:

Happy Birthday, NANA!!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, MOM!

  1. A Proud American! says:

    I really like that idea of giving our year books as gifts! I make them anyway, so it’d be almost no work. Thanks!

  2. Joleen Hyatt says:

    Jennifer, you’re forgiven! Who could be mad at somebody with a kid that cute? The books are definitely worth waiting for. Hope you guys have a wonderful time at Legoland!

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