Buzz and “Chidress.”

I’m pretty sure I just have a special genetic code that I pass down to my babies to make them love sleep.  They’ve all been great sleepers and while I do chalk a lot of that up to sleep training, there’s gotta be something in Hyatt/Hamrick blood that just likes sleep!

Today Parker came up to me and said, “To my Bett, mommy.” (Bett is the German word for bed.  We didn’t teach him this, it’s just how he says “bed” so I roll with it.)  He pulled on my hands and dragged me to the bedroom.

I put him in his bed and he told me he wanted to sleep with his buzz in his car.  I was sort of lost, so I said, “Okay, you go find it.”  I watched as he ran back down the hallway, swinging that one arm, and stopped right at his “car.”  He opened the seat and pulled out a tiny Buzz Lightyear.  Sure enough!  He found the Buzz that was in his car.

I did not sneak into his room to get this Buzz out of his bed while he’s asleep! We have more than one! (And this is the car the other Buzz was in… the seat lifts up for storage. That’s great except when Parker hides his milk in there and we don’t find it until it’s curdled.)

Once back in the bed he kept repeating something that I couldn’t quite figure out. Sounded like, “Chidress.”  I asked him if he was talking about children, churches… it took a minute but I finally said, “Jesus?”  He smiled and said, “Yes, mommy, Chidress.”

I started his night-time prayers and he snuggled himself down with his Buzz and his ‘luddlie.’  (Snugglie – a diaper cloth he sleeps with.)  I finished his prayers and left the room, and he’s happily sleeping the afternoon away.

All of my boys are such joys, but I just love the baby stage!  I’m thankful we are getting to go through it again with Parker.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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