How to have a successful yard sale in Germany.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture during the yard sale!  It was a day to remember, for sure… I guess I was too busy selling to take pictures, so that’s good, I guess.

Toward the end I did snap this picture of Parker in walker another friend had for sale:

Here are some pictures of my basement BEFORE and AFTER the sale.

One-third of the adult – hanging clothes.

The “for sale” corner.

All of the above is gone.  And I didn’t even take pictures of the tubs and tubs of clothes lined up on another wall!

Here is the same corner, but empty.

It feels so good to go down to the basement and see this corner empty! Now I just need to sweep!

Tips for you to remember:

  • Instead of $100 in small bills and change, get $50 and €50 in small bills.  By my calculations 75% of our customers were German.
  • Hang everything you can.  Items on tables and in bins don’t sell as well as items hanging up.  I knew this beforehand thanks to some pretty awesome blogs I read on the topic, so I hung items on hangers until I literally ran out of hangers.  I had coats in my coat closet resting on the shelf during the sale so I could use their hangers for more clothes!
  • Be sure to decide ahead of time if you’re willing to let go of your hangers.  I had some ask me for them and I had to get quite stern with one lady.  I needed my hangers!
  • Put out great signs.  I had some seriously orange signs that were easy to follow and kept traffic coming.  My house is as far away from the entrance as it can get so I made sure to put up more than necessary.  My favorite tip was to attach the signs to boxes, then put something heavy in the box to keep it settled.  I only had one box so I had to tape the rest of my signs to trash cans and fences, but I would have preferred to have more on boxes.  (See this blog for a picture… I got the idea here.)
  • Start early.  I put the neighborhood signs out the day before (but should have done so 3-4 days early).  The morning of I went around and added the directional signs between the entrance of the neighborhood and my house.  A few were just arrows, one said, “Keep Going” and had and arrow, one said, “Almost there” with another arrow.  Having them all look alike is very important to the buyers so they’ll know they’re arriving at the advertised yard sale.  I put the directional signs out at 5:30 and started putting my items in the yard at 6:00.  That was too late.  Matt and I unloaded my basement for an hour and a half.  I should have started that at 5:00!
  • Decide ahead of time if you want to allow early shoppers.  I had a couple of early birds, but not too annoying.  I was more worried that I would be preoccupied with his questions and not get all of my stuff out when the rush came.
  • Price adult jeans in good condition at $5 or more.  I regret not doing that as most people seemed like they would have paid more.  You can easily drop the price but you can never raise the price.
  • € = $.  That means if a price says $5, I will accept either $5 or €5.  I will not convert Euros into Dollars.  I had a simple sign posted and never had any trouble.
  • Be prepared for a rush!  7:00-9:00 was crazy busy but a lot of fun!

I made €250 and $85.  Not bad… just over $400 after conversion!  And none of items went back in my basement so I definitely consider this a successful yard sale!

Read these blog posts for more ideas and have fun!

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