Keep going… almost there…


That pretty much describes my day.  So very thankful my days are not normally like this. Here’s what I did today:

6:00-7:00 – wake up… (I was snoozing… haven’t been getting up on time lately)
7:00-10:00 – school (and when the boys were working independently I made signs for the yard sale)

10:00-11:00 – Insanity while the bigs watch a rousing documentary on the Vatican
11:00-12:00 – showered while boys finished up school
12:30  – left for P.E.
1:00-3:00 – P.E.
3:30  – went to pick up van at Chrysler/Jeep (the window quit going down… really fun when you have to show ID to get on post)
3:35 – got VAT* form out of van’s glove box
3:40 – discovered the VAT expired three months ago… almost cried.  I wanted my van back.
3:50 – stopped by the house to get Hayden’s soccer gear
4:08 – arrived at VAT office in hopes of buying new VAT forms
4:20 – walked out of VAT office in complete shock at how easy it was to get two VAT forms
4:21 – decided I needed to submit a positive ICE comment for the VAT office
4:45 – went back to Chrysler/Jeep and handed over too much money, but less than it would have been sans VAT
4:50 – left Durango at the dealership because Matt’s out of town and I wanted my van back!
4:51 – remembered how much I love my van
4:52-5:00 – said 100 times, “I missed my van!”  (While I was driving the Durango I wasn’t hating it, I just realized how much I missed my van the moment I got back in it!)
5:08 – pulled up to Hayden’s soccer practice, twenty minutes early – you never know what to expect from Mainz-Kastel traffic
5:30 – soccer practice officially starts so I take B&P to the commissary for the basic necessities:  milk, bread, cheese sticks
6:42 – arrived at Hayden’s soccer field 12 minutes late – you never know what to expect from Mainz-Kastel traffic
7:00 – arrived at home and enlisted the help of three boys in unloading the van
7:10-7:30 – put away groceries
7:30-8:00 – ate leftover spaghetti from last night because I was too tired to make the meal I had thawed chicken for
8:00 – realized I don’t have much more in me and if I was going to write my blog tonight, it needed to be now
8:10-present – took pictures of my signs and wrote this blog (and talked to Matt, since he just called… love talking to him!)

I will be in the bed soon.  VERY soon!  On tap for tomorrow?

Apple farm field trip, a soccer game, and DADDY COMES HOME!!!!

*A VAT form is a Value Added Tax form and it saves Americans a ton of money when spending a lot of money on the German economy.  I wasn’t about to spend 660€ without a VAT form.

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