Bailey makes a decision.

When Matt is gone the bigs know that they are soon going to get a turn to camp with mom.  I love that each of them looks forward to this even if I am not a big fan of their flinging arms and legs during the three nights I share with them.  (I only let them have one night each… I actually like sleeping alone, if I have to.

Sometimes I can easily decide who doesn’t get the chance on a certain night if I have observed rude behavior or unfinished school work, but yesterday all three had been really well behaved and worked hard on their school… and therefore it was left up to a die.

Hayden rolled 3, as did Carson.  Bailey rolled a 4!  High roller wins!

He was extra happy because I was busy with yard sale preparation so he got to forage in the kitchen, listen to his iPod in my room, and stay up later than his brothers.

At some point he came to see me where I was working on something of utmost importance (googling tips for yard sales) and asked, “Am I a Christian?”

I replied that he had prayed to ask Jesus to come into his heart a few years ago and asked him if he remembered that.  He said that he didn’t so I asked him to hand me my Bible, which was right behind him.

I pulled out the old stand-by, Roman’s Road, and explained each verse, in-between Bailey telling me about different episodes of Adventures in Odyssey that he recalls using that scripture.

Finally, when we had gotten through all five verses (3:23; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9; 10:13) I asked him if he believed all of those things.  He said yes and I asked him if he wanted to pray to ask Jesus to be his Lord.  We prayed together and I wondered how much of this he’d remember later, because he was talking so much!

A few minutes later he came back to me with a post-it note (like-father-like-son) and asked me how to spell September. I wrote it out for him, wondering what he was doing.

When he finished his labor of love (which writing definitely is for him), he had written on the post-it:

September 11   I became a Christian.  8w

(The ‘w’ was supposed to be a ‘y’ for “years.”  He’s 8 years old.)

He told me that he was going to put this in his Bible so he never forgets.  Oh, my sweet boy.  As we talked, I asked him if he minded if I made a copy of it.  He let me and then I asked really sweetly if he would mind if I kept the real one and he taped the copy into his Bible, just in case he loses his Bible someday.  He grinned, I think happy that I loved his post-it note so much.  Together we taped the copy into his Bible and I then wrote my email address IN the Bible so that if he does lose it, there’s a chance the finder could return it.

I’m so thankful that my boys love Jesus and want him in their hearts.  My mom asked a great question… “Do you think Matt will baptize him again?”  (He was baptized last summer.)  Off the top of my head, and without asking Matt, I said I didn’t think so but if he ever wanted to be baptized again, we’d definitely encourage it.

My sweet Bailey.  I sure love him!

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4 Responses to Bailey makes a decision.

  1. Donna Castle says:

    How wonderful is this?!! Brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Amber says:

    totally awesome! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Tracy Byrd says:

    So awesome!! When we lest expect it wonderful things happen.

  4. Joleen Hyatt says:

    9/11 – he’ll never forget!

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