Storage solutions

I have a method of organizing our basement/attic/storage stuff that makes my life quite easy.  When Hayden was a newborn I made a rookie mistake and wrote in permanent ink on the outside of a Rubbermaid tote, “Hayden’s 3-6 month summer clothes.”

As soon as I wanted to change what was IN there, I had a problem.  I created a new method that has been beneficial to me ever since.

My totes are numbered and always stacked together.  The numbers are on all four sids and the lid as well, so I can tell what box I’m looking at from any angle.

I have a little index card box I keep in my house so I can consult it when I need something. I keep a pencil and a black sharpie in the box so I don’t have to chase those down every time I make changes.

It’s not fancy, but it’s effective!

Box Number 1 always holds my most precious baby things.  I never change that one out so I know to keep that box extra safe as we move all over the world.  (It holds the boys’ “coming home” outfits, their first pacifiers, favorite newborn pjs, etc.)

If I’m in the house and I need to bring the size 3T clothes up from the basement, I open my handy-dandy index box, flip through the index cards until I see the one that says, “3T” and then I go to the basement and pull that box out.

You’ll notice on the 3T box I’ve written in the upper right hand corner (COLA!) because we will need this box to be readily available while we’re in Columbia.  On box #1 I wrote, “do not ned Cola.”  Yes,  apparently I can’t write and sort through yard sale items at the same time and I actually misspelled “need” on an index card.  Sue me.

I do the exact same thing with my Christmas totes, only they’re numbered 1-20ish with the addition of the word, “Christmas.”

I’m a little more specific on the Christmas decorations which helps me decide which boxes to open when I’m decorating a certain part of my house.  I keep these index cards in the same box as the other totes’ cards.So there you have it!  The way I organize my basement.  Or attic.  Or garage.  Or storage building.  Depending on what I have at any given house we live in at the time.

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8 Responses to Storage solutions

  1. Pam M. says:

    You, my dear, are my inspiration 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Hehe! I guess God gave me a good idea way before we joined the Army knowing I’d need some serious organization to be able to pack up and move ever 6months-3years!

  2. Tori Jenkins says:

    As a Professinal Organizer I am very impressed. This is a very effective way to organize a garage or attic…love reading your blogs!

  3. Shannon Wagner says:

    Great idea! I, too, made the mistake of using permanent marker on my totes and it has been a mess ever since! With 3 girls in varying sizes of clothes and 5 years between the first and second, I have multiple boxes of hand me downs that are hard to keep organized. I will definitely use this idea!

  4. Joleen Hyatt says:

    You can do mine while you’re here!

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