Starbucks Mugs

This weekend our Colorado-friends-who-now-live-in-Germany, came up to visit us.  We were excited to see them and to let the kids explore the neighborhood playgrounds and play in the “fort” in the back yard.

Yvonne brought me a little treat… a Berlin Starbucks mug!  After we had lunch and chatted for a while, I took Yvonne to downtown Wiesbaden to show her a little of our city. There was a multicultural fest going on so it was very lively.

I showed her the hot spring called Bäckerbrunner, or “Baker Man fountain.”  I took her inside my favorite little restaurant, Café Maldaner, the office of my midwife from when I was expecting Parker, and then we hit Starbucks.  I got her a Wiesbaden mug to help get her collection started… she has three now!

When we returned we sat around and talked more, the kids played more, and before we knew it, our friends had to leave.

We got a group picture, our first, I believe!  It only took 2 shots!  (If I hadn’t been running back and forth between my camera and the group, I would have tried to get a few more.  For now, at least this is an accurate (if slightly blurry) representation of the Mannings and Hamricks at this point in time!)

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