Italy and P.E.

Today I had two exciting events occur in our school year.

1.  We completed the “formal” part of my teaching them about the artists, art, and architecture of Italy during the Renaissance.  As a culminating activity we added many thumbnails to our “Add a Century Timeline.”

This particular educational tool is something I would have benefitted from during my own schooling years.  I never could quite envision when certain historical figures lived and this timeline makes it so clear!

Under “Art and Music” we added some artists, art work, and architecture.  What is so incredibly exciting is that we are going to see some of those works next month.  I can say that now… NEXT MONTH.  We’ve already seen the Mona Lisa and as we studied Leonardo and his contributions to Rome, it was very satisfying for the boys to see Mona Lisa in books knowing they’d actually seen the real one.

In the picture below you’ll notice a flap.  We filled up the space for those years so we added a flip-out page.  It comes with the Timeline.

So if you raise the flap, you’ll see the pictures we had put down first.

Here is a picture of the Timeline closed.  I love that we can extend the timeline to show time in one looooooooooooooonngg continuous strip but we can store it on a shelf.  (I may or may not be including this picture as a sneaky way to show you my fall themed table.)

2.  After we finished school at home we had fun at our first day of PE for the 2012-2013 school year.

Fun day!

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