I can now say I’m done with my photo organization mission.  I took a picture of the boys at the playground today and I hesitated just a second… I didn’t want to hesitate, but the thought did cross my mind that this was yet another picture I’d want to protect!

I took the pictures anyway!

Before we left our civilian life in NC I created a scrapbook of our home.  I wanted to preserve the memories we had built during our years in Forest City and so I took pictures of all sorts of things around our town:  the church, the Mexican Restaurant we loved, our friends’ houses, and each room in the house we brought the bigs home from the hospital to.

I made a similar one for Columbia, and I intended to make one for Colorado, but I just realized I never finished it!  While I was sitting and working with my Germany pictures I decided to write down all the pictures I’d want in a book summing up our Germany years. I will now go through all the pictures I’ve already taken to pull pictures taken on days we were living life here.  To fill in the blanks, I’ll drive around town and take pictures of the things I’m missing.  For example, I have plenty of pictures of Parker the day he was born.  I don’t, however, have a picture of the exterior of the hospital in which he was born.  I need to go to HSK one last time, just for a quick photo!

Having the uploading and backing-up complete, I can relax a bit and make the photo book online.  Making the book is the fun part!

Another mission I completed today was the decorating of my house for fall.  Love having my fall stuff out.  It is sad to think that I won’t be following these decorations with my treasured Christmas ones.

I looked at this picture that I took last year to decorate my window sill.  I am not a natural decorator so I had help last year from someone who knows what they’re doing.  I then took plenty of pictures and notes so that this year I could recreate the magic.


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