A year ago today: Simplify

Sometimes I like to look back at what I wrote a year ago to see where we were, what we were doing, and what has changed since then.

Here is what I had for September 1, 2011:  Simplify.

I still love that message and I am striving to live that out in my life.  It’s why I encourage the boys to all play the same sport at the same time (so far no one complains) so that when we have a season of craziness, at least it’s a short one!

Not sure I’ve shared this on the blog so I’ll do so now.  Our soccer schedule starts in full swing Tuesday.  Our evenings are gone from now until we go to Italy:

Carson and Bailey practice M&W nights with games on Saturday mornings.
Hayden practices T&TH nights with games on Friday nights.

I love that they are getting the opportunity to play soccer… I don’t love that for the next two months we play soccer six days a week…  It’s worth it, though, because they really love it!  And let’s face it… being homeschoolers they really need the socialization.  (Can you see me shaking my head in sarcasm?)

One more word about simplifying…  I’m almost done with organizing my pictures!

I have EVERY picture I’ve taken since I became a digital camera owner on DVD.  I made sure that all the pictures I’ve taken since I got to Germany are on DVD, Shutterfly, and my external HD.  My BigMac now only has 11,000 pictures on it, 9K of which are from 2012.  (I always keep my current year’s pictures on the hard drive for easy use during the year.  However, changes to this practice are in the near future.)  The extra 2K are pictures I’m currently adding to Shutterfly as they somehow slipped through the cracks over the years and they’ll be removed from the BigMac once I can confirm that they’re safely on Shutterfly.  (I’m considering looking into an online vault in place of Shutterfly and would only use Shutterfly for ordering images/books.  If you have tips, I’d love to hear them.)

I am very glad to be (mostly) done with this task because tomorrow I’m going to decorate for fall!

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