Who needs shoes?!?

If you want to see a funny sight, watch a family of homeschoolers rushing around in the morning trying to get out of the house and somewhere on time. We are SO not used to that lifestyle and it crimps our style.

We definitely made it to our destination, but we were not on time.  No worries, because we were meeting about five other homeschooling families who all pulled in at the exact same time.  (Well, a few others arrived early but one mom sat and nursed a newborn so she wasn’t even ready for the field trip until I arrived, so it all worked out perfectly!)

I love not having to go anywhere in the mornings… and days like today remind me how much I like my lifestyle.

With that said, let me tell you about our day.  If you read the blog post I “reblogged” earlier today, you’ll know that we went to a Barefoot Park.  We really enjoyed ourselves and Bailey even told me that today was probably the best day of his life.  I simply can’t imagine my job getting better than that!

We loved this part! It was knee deep water with squishy mud at the bottom, and a few rocks, so we had to be careful.

At this point I could still see the bigs and Parker was on my back.  Ten minutes later Sophie had had all the barefoot walking she could do.  Her mommy was carrying the new addition in a Snugli and I thought Parker would like to walk, so I switched the two.  Parker walked the rest of the path while Sophie rode on my back.

Before long I realized there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with the bigs so I didn’t even try.  I let Parker lag as far behind as he wanted, realizing that he was loving every minute of exploring the dirt.  Below is a picture of my sweet baby walking around in just a diaper… please let me explain.  See, I’m from the south and there we don’t always dress our babies….  HAHA!  While that is true, the reason he was pants-less is because he wanted to walk through a shallow path filled with water.   Calf level to me but fairly deep on Parker.  In order to conserve his pants for later use, I removed them and let him get through the water.  Once his little legs dried I put his pants back on.

Bridges that crossed over “jungles” were super fun for Parker.

How I spent much of my day: lagging behind the group chatting with friends while coaxing Parker to keep up. He wanted to investigate every rock, pile of sand, and bug.  (Note:  There is no way for me to rock the Ergo and look attractive.)

Oh, how I wanted to cross this river! I know the water was freezing but I still wanted to do it!
I had Sophie on my back and didn’t feel it was smart to do this with her on me. (And if I hadn’t had Sophie, I would have had Parker on my back, so it wasn’t meant to be today.) My bigs LOVED this part of the trail.

The kids at the start of the barefoot trail. (I could tell it was the start by how clean all the kids are in the picture. By the end they were wet and muddy!)

After we finish the trail we were famished.  We ate a picnic lunch in the parking lot, enjoying the cool weather.

The location of the Barefoot Park is about 30 minutes past Aimee’s house.  We’re never just “in the neighborhood” because Aimee lives out in the middle of nowhere.  So when I passed her house going to the park, we called and waved.  On the return I pulled off the Autobahn and into a nearby parking lot.  I called to see if she wanted gelato and she said that she would definitely like some.  Not many people pop in on her way out there!  It was fun to deliver a treat to her after she’s delivered so many to me!

We sat around on her balcony and ate our gelato, a treat the boys rarely get because I just don’t do that often.  They had been well behaved and had eaten a healthful lunch… I enjoyed watching them enjoy their gelato and before long, Aimee got Kayla up from her attempted nap so she could see Parker.  HOW FUN it was to have Parker waltz into her room to surprise her!

After a cup of coffee and a few more minutes of chatting we headed home as soccer season has begun…

Thank goodness for freezer meals as I pulled out chili I had made before and we ate a good dinner around the table as a family.  (Especially after last night’s pizza from Anthony’s since I had been so preoccupied with working on my iPhoto library… which is still not even close to finished.)

It was after dinner and while eating popcorn that Bailey told me today was probably the best day he had ever had.  Tonight, I go to bed a happy mom!

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1 Response to Who needs shoes?!?

  1. Joleen Hyatt says:

    I loved this post. I can just imagine how much fun it was for the boys. Notice I said “boys”. Sophie, I’m with you…i love to go barefoot, but oooooo the mud!

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