Never again…

…will I get allow myself to get this far behind in my photo-organization.

I have barely moved from my desk the entire day so that I can make progress in deleting the 30,000+ pictures that I’ve already put on CD, external hard drive, and Shutterfly.  As it turns out, all the deleting I did yesterday was pointless as I was dumping thousands of pics into the iPhoto trash bin only to find out later that I can only remove 150 out of that trash can at a time.  I had to undelete 29K, and then put 150 at a time back into the trash can, and THEN dump those out of the trash can.  Oh my GOODNESS, my neck hurts!

I bet there’s an easier way but this way made me feel most confident that I wasn’t royally messing something else up.

While going through all these pictures from 2009-now I’m finding that some of my favorites are iPhone pictures.  I’ve pulled a few and show you what I’m talking about.  For some reason, I am taken right back into the moment when I look through those iPhone pictures, even though they’re not perfect quality.

This was on our first trip in Germany. We were in the Black Forest, I was still expecting Parker and we had only been here about a month. (SILLY HATS!)  The bigs look so small!

Same trip, just outside the silly hat store in the snow.

And finally, little Parker and me before he made his grand entrance. These memories are so vivid!

I will stay on top of this task.  I will stay on top of this task. I will stay on top of this task.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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4 Responses to Never again…

  1. A Proud American! says:

    Ohmygosh you look aDORable pregnant!

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