So today we got our orders.  It’s a big deal in our world because it tells us where we’re going next.  Of course, we already knew where we were going as the word trickled down through the proper chain of command when it was officially released, but getting orders allows us to do a few things:

3.  Check “get orders” off the very long list of things to do when facing a PCS.
2.  Schedule appointments around Wiesbaden with housing, lodging, and transportation.

As HH6 I am concerned about getting our family housing as soon as possible.  It’s my job as the mom/wife/housekeeper to establish a home in whatever housing we are given so getting orders allows me to take official, physical steps in securing said housing.

However, it comes with a bit of sadness as I prepare to leave a place we all feel so at home. I also happened to get the text from Matt that we had received our orders during my regularly scheduled coffee date with Aimee.  Bad timing.

The orders we received do other things:

3.  Remind us that we are at the will of the Army.  That was a fun conversation with Bailey this week when he realized that we go where the Army tells us not the other way around.  If we don’t like what our orders say, too bad.  They’re just that.  ORDERS.  We are “ordered” to go wherever the paper says.  (And we actually like that.  It’s always an adventure!)
2.  Add to the amazingly long list of things we need/want to do within the next 4 months, including traveling to Italy and back.  The to-do list is massive and requires a massive amount of organization.
1.  Separate us from friends we’ve made here who we consider family, and take us farther way from those “family” friends who have moved on to the land of Big Ben.

It will be painful to leave this place and these people.  Painful barely scratches the surface. I think God knew what He was doing when He orchestrated our last few months to fall when they did:  Our last three months will be filled with travel and they also fall right during my favorite time of the year – cool weather, fall treats, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

I did the math a few nights ago.  Between the dates of 1 Oct and 7 Jan we will spend about 40 nights in hotels in four different countries on two different continents.  Our heads will rest on pillows in our current home here in Wiesbaden, Livorno, Rome, Pompeii, Assisi, Venice, somewhere in Switzerland, the Army Lodge, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte (Stanfield, actually), Gastonia, a hotel in Columbia, and finally, our new home.

I think the Lord knew that I’d need some serious logistics to sink my brain into to help keep from spending too much time being sad.  Of course, I’ll be happy to be with family in NC again, don’t get me wrong.  But there are always amazing people I hate to leave behind… I’m glad I’ll be able to call them friends for life.

I’ll leave you with an image of the floor plan for our possible house in Columbia. Obviously there are variations of this floor plan and there are also older homes we could be placed in, but we were told to expect this particular type of house.  We are officially #9 on the waiting list but were told that three have already accepted housing so we will be bumped to #6 by the end of the week.  Not a bad deal.  I LOVE WINTER MOVES!

Oh, and side note:  Check out our country-count map at the bottom of the page!  It shows which countries we’ve been to.  So far we’re at 15 but we’ll be adding a few more to that in the next few months!  Thanks for the link, Christy!

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12 Responses to Orders.

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    I am excited for you, and bummed at the same time that you got your orders! This military life and I have a love/hate relationship. The house looks really nice! (How awesome will it be to have two stories??? I love keeping clothing/toy mess on it’s own level!)

    And- where did you get the awesome map…. I want one!

    • Jennifer says:

      My awesome map came from Christy. I’ll give you the link. http://bighugelabs.com/map.php You may have to reset it if it shows my info in it. You’ll have to ask Christy if you have troubles. She’s a pro!

      I LOVE having a 2 level and I love that I was able to NOT have one while I had a crawling baby. Parker will be perfectly capable of managing the stairs at this age! 🙂

      It’s not much smaller than this house, too. We were expecting it to be considerably smaller… only about 200 sq. ft. smaller, it seems. MUCH less storage as we have a MASSIVE basement here… logistics to work out. We’ll get there eventually. 🙂

  2. mehancock says:

    So exciting! I went by these houses on Ft Jackson not too long ago and they are so nice! Can’t wait to be able to drive just an hour to visit 🙂

  3. smilindown says:

    Good luck with the move and enjoy Europe while you can!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you! I appreciate it! And you can rest assured that I’m soaking in all of Europe while here. We may try to come back in a few years when the boys are older so we can see all the places we missed: Spain, Greece, Poland & Scotland (only Matt saw those two). And many more…

  4. A Proud American! says:

    I LOVE floor plans!! I could look at a floor plan website all day long. Which 2 boys are you going to double up?

    • Jennifer says:

      95% sure it’ll be Hayden and Carson. They’re my biggest readers however, Carson reads with Adventures in Odyssey on in the background while Hayden prefers silence.

      Bailey is a LOUD kid and he makes sound effects with everything and would likely drive his roommate crazy! When I had two sharing in Colorado (out of choice… we had a 4BR then as well) I put H&C together, but for rest time I let H spend that time in the room we had converted to a playroom. I’ll likely get a couch for the downstairs office (near the front door) and let that be where H spends his rest time.

      • A Proud American! says:

        Good plan! We’re pretty spoiled with the 5 bedroom apartments here, huh? I have no idea who I’ll double up if/when I have to. That’s the problem with having both boys & girls, it limits who I can put together. But quiet time is precious, they all need their space!

      • Jennifer says:

        Yes, I have it easier with all 4 being boys. Either way, your last sentence was spot-on… quite time is precious and we will continue it indefinitely.

  5. Shawn Wright says:

    Jennifer… We received orders too… hmmm… we are leaving Fort Bliss and my husband will be your husband’s replacement! Funny thing is, we homeschool, are hobby photographers, love Grace in Christ and will travel the world. My blog has sat empty for a while, but after reading your blog I have been encouraged! God bless your travels and your time in Europe… thanking God that HE has planned a home for you stateside. God Bless you! Shawn

    • Jennifer says:

      How fun! Nice to meet you!

      You are really going to love Wiesbaden. I “friended” you on FB so if you get a chance, let me know when you plan to arrive in town. I’d love to show you around a bit!

      Oh, and our homeschool group is PRIMO! No expectations to do everything but there are a lot of fun things offered. I’ll go see if I can add you to the group so you can start getting a feel for everything!

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