Back to School Backpack Blessing

Today our church service held a special event to commemorate the start of a new school year.  After the normal service over a hundred of us ChapelNexters headed to the movie theater where the students, parents, and teachers were prayed over.

After that we were supposed to see Ice Age 4  but when we arrived they told us they didn’t have that movie.  (Matt’s been planning this event for weeks.  He stopped by there on three different occasions to verify that everything was set.  He stopped by this week to verify and was told that everything was a go.)

They showed Madagascar 3 or 4 or something.  I wasn’t thrilled and thought it had a lot of unnecessary adult humor but I figure that, while I won’t be buying it, the kids enjoyed it and probably didn’t even catch the things I disliked.

My pictures from today’s event are horrible.  They had already dimmed the lights for the movie and I only had my 50mm lens with me.  Had to use a flash (gag) in order to capture anything at all. If I had known where the light switches were, I would have turned the lights back on!

Regarding the “back to school” part, I had to laugh when a homeschool mom told me her son asked, “Why are they doing a back-to-school thing?”  He’s a first-grader and they started their school year in January so he never really took a break like the public school kids did… his break is just around the corner!

That’s sort of how our schedule was this year.  We never quit school in May/June when the public schools got out.  We just kept on going and our “summer” break starts about a month from now!  I’m THRILLED and ultimately pleased with the boys because they never ONCE complained that they were doing school while the neighborhood kids were out playing.  They’re old enough to realize that two months from today, while most of their friends are in school, they’ll be walking through the Eternal City and seeing Mt. Vesuvius, riding on a gondola, and touring the ruins of Pompeii.  They’re old enough to see that a little hard work now will pay off in the long run.  (Can you tell I’m a little excited about our Italy trip?)

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