Made to Crave 17: (thoughts while running)

Today I managed to run 6.2 miles outside and in good time, too.  I was itching to know that I could do it somewhere other than a treadmill.

I saw a friend posted her fantastic mileage on Facebook just as I was gearing up to go for my run, so I thought I’d set a lofty goal for myself as well.

Just past the one mile mark I went straight where I normally turn right out in the fields to add mileage and realized it’s been ten months since I last went straight there.  It was easy going until I made a right turn on a path that ended.  I, no joke, ran a mile on a bumpy-dirt road.  I didn’t even mess up my time too badly!

Between miles 2 and 3 I was on pavement for only a short time!

While on this run I had many thoughts:

  • I was so very thankful that the temperature was pleasant and I was able to run without being miserable.
  • I remembered that two of my Colorado friends (who are natural runners) assured me that there was a point I’d get in my running where I’d be able to run longer and longer distances without feeling like I was dying.  I think they said the seven-mile-mark. While running tonight I felt like I was in control of my breathing for the first five-and-a-half miles and I really only had to struggle that last little bit.  It was encouraging to think I might actually reach the point they were describing!
  • I saw that tractor driving through the fields kicking up clouds of dust and I once again kicked myself for not going back out there with my camera a few weeks ago.
  • I wondered if my feet were ever going to get used to the “minimalist” shoes I was wearing.  I miss my old shoes but they’re retired and my current shoes are the newer model and are the closest thing to what I really like.  I hate getting new running shoes.
  •  I looked back on my 8 mile run last Sunday and told myself, “You’ve run 8 before… 6.2 is nothing.  You GOT THIS!
  • I got hungry about the time I was finishing up the run and I was really happy it was left-overs night!  Tacos (with ground turkey).  So good and very little work since I had done all of it the night before!
  • I stood amazed at how God had taken my laziness/fears/doubts/whining that I offered Him in early June and He turned it into motivation and success.

I got home and my sweet friend, Pammy, had blogged about this very thing, but through the lens of parenting a preschooler.  Her words matched my thoughts to a tee:

He is holding out His hands with blessings for me and I am holding on to what is safe and what I know.  I want to hoard my situation, my circumstances, my peace of mind…and He wants to change those things into something that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.  Like a full and unwavering trust in Him.  Or an excited attitude about change, knowing that God works in mysterious ways.

Is that not exactly what I’ve been writing about in my Made to Crave series?  You should go read the entire post that Pammy titled, “Finally… From Hoarder to Trader.”  It’s worth your time!

I was holding on to my fears and concerns about that weight gain/loss roller-coaster being my life sentence. He was waiting to give me “an excited attitude about change” and the ability to do all things through HIM!  I was hoarding junk and now I can trade it in for what He really wants to give me!

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2 Responses to Made to Crave 17: (thoughts while running)

  1. Pam M. says:

    It is so cool when the Lord does what He does 🙂 Makes me want to jump up and down and giggle!

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