For the most part, I’m not busy.  I’m at peace and finding serious joy in the quiet lack of busyness I am living in.  I despise the “I’m too busy to ____” phrase so I tend to say no to a lot of good things so we don’t have to do, including great field trips and invitations to outside activities.

However, with a huge trip coming up, a PCS shortly thereafter, and school that has never stopped, I’m multitasking at a whole new level.

At this exact moment, I’m deleting images from my hard drive that I have already saved to DVD, Shutterfly, and an external HD in order to free up space on my BigMac.  I’m drinking water to replenish my dehydrated-self after a MAX Interval Plyo Insanity DVD (it’s over 90 degrees outside).  I’m writing this blog post while participating in a live webinar to teach me how to better use my Science Curriculum… Switched on Schoolhouse.  I’m not busy… I’m multitasking.

The lady has started to really talk about the good stuff now, so I’ll leave you with this image:

I’m down to 29,000+ images. I was over 34,000 when I started this paring-down process.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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