A Surprise for Christian

Some friends we made in Colorado are now a short two-hour drive away from here.  We got together last weekend for a sleep-over (minus the dads, who were both TDY). Because  the seven-year-old had an upcoming birthday we decided to meet at my house for a surprise party.  Christian had no idea where they were when they arrived at my house.  He saw our name on the doorbell and got very excited!  (I happen to have a LOT of boys he can play with!)

We had a simple lunch of sandwiches, then a surprise party, followed by Frikadelle for dinner.  (Yvonne had made me a traditional Puerto Rican dinner so I returned the favor by cooking the best, cultural-themed meal I knew how to make.)

Here are pictures from our super fun day.

The party was a Soldier theme.

Yvonne brought all the decorations to make a real party!

Hugging his mom for the amazing surprise party he had no idea he was going to have.

He loved being the center of attention.

Christian blowing out his candle!

He loved all his gifts!

Christian hugging his sister.

Matt wanted a few of the gifts Christian got…

I love how he closed his eyes when opening gifts that came out of bags.

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