Italy Itinerary

Here’s what we’re doing each day so far.  My “Venice Days” aren’t planned out just yet. Saving the best for last!

Day 1:  (Leave Home) _________  (Sleep at Camp Darby)
Day 2: (Pisa/Lucca) ___________ (Sleep at Camp Darby)
Day 3: (Cinque Terre) ___________ (Sleep at Camp Darby)
Day 4: (Florence/Michelangelo’s “David”) ___________ (Sleep Camp Darby)
Day 5: (Heading to Rome) ___________ (Sleep in Rome)
Day 6: (Rome:  “Caesar Shuffle”) ___________ (Sleep in Rome)
Day 7: (Rome:  St. Paul’s and Galleria Borghese ) ___________ (Sleep in Rome)
Day 8: (Rome: Vatican City) ___________ (Sleep in Rome)
Day 9: (Leaving Rome: Lunch/Dinner in Naples) ___________ (Sleep in Pompeii)
Day 10: (Pompeii excavations) ___________ (Sleep in Pompeii)
Day 11: (Leaving Pompeii/See Assisi) ___________ (Sleep in Assisi)
Day 12: (Leave Assisi for VENICE!) ___________ (Sleep in VENICE!)
Day 13: (VENICE!) ___________ (Sleep in VENICE!)
Day 14: (VENICE!) ___________ (Sleep in VENICE!)
Day 15: (VENICE!) ___________ (Sleep in VENICE!)
Day 16: (Leave Venice) ___________ (Sleep in Switzerland)

I have the hour-by-hour plans done for Days 1-8.  I’m waiting on the Italy USO guy to get back to me so I can find out the best plan for Vatican City.  Considering hiring a tour guide for Pompeii.  Assisi will be an easy see-at-our-own-pace day.  Venice… Oh, Venice.  I’m going to have so much fun planning those days.  We do want to go to Murano to see a glassmaking demonstration.  We want to go to Burano to see the colorful houses though I really don’t care about lace.  We are going to try to stay in a town on the southern side of Zurich so we can save a bit of money but also hit the Zurich Starbucks the next morning on the way home.

We are driving the whole way to Italy on Day 1, but on the way home, I felt it would be best to split the drive into two days.  By then we’ll be tired and the car will be old-news. Why not add Switzerland as another country we’ve stayed in!?!

PLANNING IS SO MUCH FUN!  (And a lot of work, too.  This is why my house looks like I’ve forgotten how to clean!)

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