Good job, Mom…

If I could italicize the word job in the title, I bet you’d read that the way I was hearing it in my head.  Dripping with sarcasm.

Good job, mom.

Yesterday after chapel we went to the illustrious food court for lunch and the bigs unloaded and headed toward the building.  I stayed behind, getting Parker out of his seat.

I noticed a few of our fellow ChapelNexters also unloading their babies nearby and was about to walk toward the building when I shut the sliding van door… with Parker’s hand in it!

He screamed.  I screamed!  I know I sounded quite frantic as I asked for help, not necessarily from someone, maybe from God Himself as the DOOR WAS LOCKED!

Fortunately I always put my keys in the outside pocket of my purse so I was pretty fast to get them out and the door unlocked.  My cries for help worked and Christy showed up and opened the van door just as I unlocked it.

Oh, my poor baby!

He cried so hard, and I just sat there and shook while holding him.  I wanted to apologize profusely but that wasn’t going to make him feel better… though I did apologize a hundred times throughout the day.  I just held him while my friends looked pitifully at the both of us… at him because his hand was really hurting and me, because they are moms and knew how horrible I felt.

He settled within about three minutes and we walked into the food court.  He did great sitting him his high chair with our friends while I ordered food until we made eye contact and he melted into a puddle of tears.  Matt went and consoled him again and then we ate lunch almost as if nothing had happened.

He is using that hand though favoring it noticeably.  He can bend his fingers in a natural way so I don’t think anything’s broken.  A doctor at the clinic looked at it and gave me the affirmation I needed.  The fact that he was holding a toy in that hand and would not let the doctor take it from him was a good sign.  He was squeezing that toy very tightly!

Oh, I felt so bad and that’s why I’m thinking sarcastic thoughts like, “Good job, mom.”

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4 Responses to Good job, Mom…

  1. Jennifer,
    Any Mom reading this feels hurt for you! I do! I’m sorry and accidents are accidents! Yesterday, Elisha picked up a mouse trap – it went off without snapping his fingers – it wasn’t your typical mouse trap it was the industrial strength type that really could have cut his fingers off! Oh – little fingers!!!! I can’t tell you not to think those thoughts because I think they are normal thoughts – just know that I don’t think those thoughts as a Mom towards you:] Thanks for sharing and thank God he is ok. I’m so glad to be getting your thoughts in my email inbox now….
    Jen E.

    • Jennifer says:

      So sorry for your little guy and SO glad that his fingers are okay! NO FUN! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I’m thankful that I had my keys handy and a friend stepped in to open the door ASAP…. it could have been SO much worse!

  2. tlf says:

    You poor dear! That’s the one thing I have yet to do to either of my girls, although I did start to close a car window not realizing my daughter’s HEAD was sticking out of it! I hope his little paw is feeling better.

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