Pinterest comes through.

I like/try to be crafty at times.  My favorite time of year to be crafty is just around the corner and yesterday I found myself with an extra 20 minutes of time.  I happily spent it ogling at a all the amazing ideas for fall decorating that people are already posting.

I. can’t. wait!

Pinterest is a place to find ideas and pin them for later use.  Most of the ideas I never get around to using, but a few have really been useful.  Some are downright amazing.

I used a few of my pinned Pinterest tricks in getting my collage on the wall and as I share them with you, I will give the original brains behind them credit.

First, I found which photo display layout I wanted from this website picking one that would include everything I wanted:  Individuals of all six of us, one of the whole family, one or two of just Matt and me, and one of my girly picture in the dress.  (I am totally surrounded by masculinity and I thought a touch of femininity was in order.)

I laid out three long strips of paper on the floor and taped them together.  I then created the ten correctly-sized shapes out of paper and taped them where they were supposed to go according to the layout, writing on each one which picture was to go there.  THEN, I had one of the boys help me get it onto the wall.  You should have seen the looks my friends gave me when they saw my wall for the first time.  I think I had this up for a month!

When I had completed all the ModPodge images, (see this link for the how-to) I took the paper off the wall and placed it on the floor.  I set each picture down to see how it was going to look.  (Yes, there is a baby doll on the floor in the back ground.  Yes, I know I have four boys.  We have this baby for our friend, Kayla, though Parker plays with it more than she does.)The small pictures were all supposed to be 8×10 but I had to trim them down to fit the smaller sized canvases I could find.  And another thing that turned out differently than I anticipated was that I had intended to crop individual shots of Matt and me into portrait.  They arrived in landscape so I just went with it.  If I ever want to I can reorder the images in portrait but I was just eager to have this project on the wall.  (As you can imagine anyone would be, after looking at the huge paper thingy for a month!)

Another idea I had pinned from Pinterest was extremely helpful for this next step.  It led me to Roost and I followed her steps help get the actual pictures on the wall.

First, I flipped all my pictures over, face down.  I then covered them with three strips of wax paper, taped together like I had the art drawing paper when I made the original layout.  (NOTE:  Tape these three pieces of wax paper together somewhere off to the side. I tried to get them to sit still while laying them down on the pictures and it was a mad house.  Those things slid all around!  It would have been smarter to tape the three long strips together over at the table, and then place them down on top of the pictures.  Live and learn.)

After getting the wax paper all settled where I wanted it, I traced the outlines of my pictures with a sharpie.  I then drew dots where I wanted nails to be hung.  (Marissa at Roost is BRILLIANT!)

With the assistance of three helpful sons I got that wax paper taped to the wall, level and centered.  I then let them hammer the nails into the red dots.

After getting all the nails in the wall, I let them remove the wax paper, leaving behind the nails ready for pictures!

I even let them hang the pictures.  (Though I had to go behind them and straighten them a bit.)  These pictures were taken with my iPhone, so I do apologize for the horrendous quality.

And the finished product:


I told you had a few tricks that I’d learned in the process.  I’ve shared three so far:

  1. the ‘ModPodge-pictures-to-canvas’ idea over at the crazy beautiful life of the Pattersons;
  2. the photo layout idea over at Cherish Portraits;
  3. how to get the pictures onto the wall over at Roost;

I have two more:

1.  Found at New Nostalgia (though I think the original source was Martha Stewart).

When painting, use aluminum foil in the paint tray to make clean up a breeze:

2.  Found at… oh wait… I came up with this one all by myself!

I knew that I was going to be using the black roller paint on ten canvases, and I didn’t have time to do all the black painting at once.  Even if I did have the time to get all of them coated in one sitting, I still needed to go back after all the ModPodging to edge them, giving them that last, final touch.  I didn’t want to wash my brush out every time so I put the roller brush in a freezer ziplock bag with a very damp paper towel.  Every time I went to use the brush it was ready to go.

I did the same thing with the ModPodge brush, placing the whole tray and brush in a bag, along with a very damp paper towel.  I intended to rinse both of these brushes out after I got my ten images done but kinda-sorta forgot.  Matt saw my completed project and decided he needed to do one of his own.  We pulled out the two brushes after exactly a week and they were still ready to go.

There you have it!  All the craftiness I can come up with in August.  Unless I decide to decorate my house for fall…  then I can stir up some craftiness… I LOVE FALL!

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