Each one is an individual…

Watching the changes in our family in our annual photo sessions brings me so much joy. I love to look back at how life was in the moment we snapped each picture.  The first several pictures were taken in North Carolina, and then South Carolina, Colorado, and now, our most recent three sessions were here in Germany.  Had you told the mom of three preschool boys that she’d one day be living in Germany, with an additional son, the wife of an Army soldier, she’d tell you that you were crazy!

What a fun life I’ve lived to this point, with the future looking quite exciting.  Now the oldest of my preschoolers from the early days has started middle school and the other two are half-way through their elementary school years.  (And by “exciting” I mean that we’re entering a new stage with a tween… and two more tweens close behind him.  I am searching for all the information I can find, which is quite a bit more scarce than the books on how to raise toddlers.)

These pictures are treasures to me.  While they aren’t the memories of this time in our lives in and of themselves, they trigger memories and I believe that’s why I love them so much.  When we were told we were coming to Germany we fully expected a deployment. Of course Matt worked a full-time job, sometimes with the bat-phone in hand, but for the most part, we were able to be together these past three years and they have been a great time of family bonding and travel.  I am thankful that Matt didn’t have to deploy but I keep in mind the many friends of ours who are separated from their families.  We were blessed with these years, not only because we didn’t have to endure the deployment we thought was coming but also because were able to see so much of Europe.

I love this picture of Matt.  He’s so handsome and getting more handsome by the year.

I rarely like photos of myself.  That’s why I like Jessica Ceason.  She takes pictures that I’m willing to share and put on my wall!  (If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is!)

Oh, Hayden, my heart walking around outside my body.  He’s getting so tall and we can see that he’s just now entering the waters that he must pass through to become a man. Matt and I want to help him navigate the confusing waters of strange emotions that mark the tween & teen years and help him to become the incredibly mature and loving man we see glimpses of every day.  I adore that he still plays outside and builds things out of Legos.  I do not look forward to the day he outgrows those activities.

Carson is still fully boy loves playing outside with friends.  Among his favorite outside activities (from what we hear him talk about ) are soccer and basketball.  Carson really enjoys piano and reading and is incredibly good at math.  He’s humorous and loves to make us laugh.  He even says that he’s working on his “dad” skills when he makes jokes… apparently he thinks his dad is pretty funny!

If Carson is fully boy, then Bailey is a double portion of boy!  He is still our most social of the bigs, though Parker may give him a run for his money.  Bailey loves to be outside and it really doesn’t matter what he’s playing, as long as he’s with friends and/or brothers.  I’m constantly amazed at the friends Bailey makes and love to see him on the playground.     

Joy.  I really believe that’s what Parker is to our family.  I spent a few years studying joy when we went through our darker debt days and I learned that it has little to do with circumstances or happiness, even.  It has more to do with accepting life as a gift from God and Parker is just that.  He makes us laugh on a daily basis, with his little personality bursting from every twinkle in his eye and every new word he tries to say.

A favorite picture of Matt and me.  Love it!If you haven’t noticed by now, I have lots of men in my family.  I don’t wear a lot of dresses and rarely do girly things.  But I love this next picture.  I included it in my collage to put a touch of femininity on the wall and as a reminder to the boys that, while they outnumber me, one day they will appreciate that I taught them to respect women, open doors for ladies, and carry bags of groceries to the house.  They may not see it now, but when they melt the hearts of the women God has chosen for them, they will thank me!  And that’s exactly how their daddy won my heart!  Thank you, Sybil!  (That would be my mother-in-love.)

Each of these images has made it onto my wall.  I am so excited to show you these pictures because they are among my favorites from this year’s session.  Soon I’ll show you how I’ve displayed them on my living room wall.  (HINT:  I utilized several ideas from that website we all know and love but spend more time looking at than putting into practice… Pinterest.)

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  1. mehancock says:

    I still have a hard time believing that all the boys are that big. It just doesn’t seem possible. Love this family!!!

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