Our own Olympics!

In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics (that are being held just a day’s drive from here… one time zone away, I might add) a local homeschool ROCK STAR mom initiated, planned, organized, cooked, and set up a fantastic Olympics Activity Day for the homeschool kids of Wiesbaden.  (She also happens to be my friend and I’m honored to call her that!)

I haven’t mentioned she has a newborn and three bigs.  And her bigs aren’t independent like my bigs, so putting on this event was nothing short of Super Hero Work.

The date was set far enough in advance that we couldn’t see the forecast, which is a good thing. We may have cancelled the event altogether had we known it was going to fall on THE hottest day yet.  It was well over 90 and we were sweltering!

Our athletes did great and competed with great attitudes.  We all had a great time!  In the pictures you’ll see the kids are wearing “name tags.”  Instead of their names, they represented countries.



Relay Race – Leg 1.  I didn’t get pictures of Leg 2.

Hayden ran Leg 3 and won the race for his team.

Carson and his Gold Medal

Bailey and his Gold Medal. I didn’t get a picture of Hayden with his.  (Yes, this was a cookie.  SO CREATIVE!)

Food for the entire Olympic party and the crowds who cheered.

Popcorn in ice cream cones!

Plates with the napkin attached so it wouldn’t blow away. I think another Super Hero Mom prepared these.

I love the group of people we get to do life with.  This homeschool group has been such a blessing with just the right amount of opportunities to keep us busy when we want to be with no pressure to do more than we can.  I love it!

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