Hail and Farewell…

…mostly farewell.

Matt and I had a date Friday Night and we said goodbye to two of the unit’s head guys.  Matt is going to miss this leadership team and while he has heard only great things about the incoming one, it’s always sad to see good people move.

We arrived at the restaurant long before the rest of the party because we had been warned of construction delays and then found none.  We sat down and before long I realized how pretty everything around me was.

Their pepper was in wine bottle shaped containers. 

We ate at the Ruedesheimer Schloss and enjoyed the ambiance.  However, I was frustrated that out of 70 people in our party I was one of four who didn’t receive my meal at the same time.  I sat with no food while 66 people ate… and ate… and ate.  When they were done and their plates were being removed, the four of us who hadn’t received meals finally got food.  In the states I would not have been asked to pay for this meal but in Germany, that’s not how they do it.  (At another restaurant I once asked for plain-, tap-, no bubbles-, no minerals- water.  She assured me it would be plain.  It was mineral water (salty) and when I tried to return it she asked me what she was supposed to do with it.  I really didn’t care what she did with it.  I couldn’t drink it.  WHO LIKES OCEAN WATER?!?  She had to get her manager and they were really confused by this American who really wanted water with no gas and no flavor…  I hadn’t even asked for ice… imagine the looks I would have received if I had!)

Matt ordered schnitzel and fries and they were presented in the most adorable way!

I ate my salmon, frustrated but resigned to the fact that I was going to pay for it regardless of the fact that it came 30 minutes late.  It was good, but Matt’s grilled salmon is better!

In spite of the food delay we had a great night.  We talked a on the way home about the fact that we are in “the window.”  We’re in the window for the next 7 years where we have our whole family together (minus any deployments that may be on the horizon).  We determined that we were going to make the most of it and do our best to soak up every moment we have.

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