Minication just got awesome!

After we had the awesome experience riding the SommerSlide and then ate lunch in Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, we plugged in the address for the Augustiner Bräu in Salzburg.  Matt has been collecting beer glasses from neat breweries around Europe and Salzburg was next on his list, as we were only 12K from that fascinating city while at the Eagle’s Nest.  While in the house I looked hard to see if I could locate the city of Salzburg and think I did so.  On top of that, I tried to figure out where we had been standing when the girls and I took the Sound of Music tour back in November.

As we left Berchtesgaden we started a podcast of the Dave Ramsey Show and set the car on autopilot.  (Me driving, the boys resting, Matt dozing.)  At one point everything looked incredibly familiar and I remembered I had googled the name of the yellow mansion the film crew had used in the making of The Sound of Music.  I still had that page open on my iPhone and so Matt read to me the name.  “Hellbruner Schloss.”  PERFECT!  He typed that into the GPS and we found we were only 8K from that exact location!

As we pulled into the parking lot of the location they have moved the gazebo to, my day became perfect!  While there with the girls I had wished that Matt could see that location.  We wanted to go back as a family but hadn’t been able to find a hotel that would sleep all of us at a price we were willing to pay.  (We had scored the deal of a lifetime at Edelweiss at $50/night/room… hard to beat.)  So while we knew we were going to hit Salzburg for the beer glass, we had not anticipated being able to see the gazebo as a family or running along the path Maria sang “Confidence” on.

We arrived and I was about giddy.  My poor men, all five of them, thought I had lost my mind.  They got to see a girly side of me that I rarely see myself!  Hayden took a picture of Matt and me beside the gazebo.

A dream I had but didn’t expect to fulfill was seeing the gazebo with Matt!

We took a small break to let the monkeys boys play in an awesome climbing tree.

We then walked just across the street to the path along which Maria (Julie ANDREWS!!!) had skipped before she entered the Von Trapp’s house to become their nanny.

While we enjoyed a stroll on this path, I had the boys and Matt stand along the left hand side in the grass.  In the next picture you’ll see the mountains behind them.  (KEEP READING!  Cool fact coming up….)

In the movie, the (fictional version of the) Von Trapp family pushed their car quietly out of the front gate of the house that stands along this path.  They escape and then travel over the mountains you see behind the boys.  The only bad thing about that is that on the very top of the highest mountain is HITLER’S EAGLE’S  NEST!!!

If you look closely you can probably see it sticking out like a crown!  Poor Maria and company… escaping the Nazi’s grasp only to walk right into their leader’s mountaintop villa!

How thankful I was that everything all started to look familiar while I was driving and I decided to see how close we were to this location.  It made this day absolutely perfect in every way!

We next headed into the city of Salzburg, only a few kilometers away, and Matt was able to claim his beer glass.  After that I maneuvered through the city telling the family neat facts that I had heard the tour guide say in November.  At one point, as we were about to travel through a stone tunnel, I told the boys about an old “car wash” that was designed for horses instead of cars.

I am NOT KIDDING YOU when I say that just as we got on the other side of that tunnel we saw that very same horse wash!

I found a beautiful image of the horse wash with the tunnel we drove through to the left at this website.

After driving around a bit more, making sure to see Mozart’s house.  On the way home we drove a lot of the way on back roads and we saw many traditional German homes and hotels.  I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of these but thought that, since this was our last time in this part of the world, I’d be touristy and snap one:

It had been a perfect day of sightseeing and family fun.  I didn’t get to have my ice cream that day but all the great things we did made that just fine.  We made sure to hit the gelato stand the next day on our way home.

Seriously, that was one awesome minication!

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4 Responses to Minication just got awesome!

  1. smilindown says:

    One day, one day… I will get to do that Sound of Music Tour! I share your excitement for that movie!

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, you will get to do it. And pay for the professional tour but make sure you have access to a car so you can drive back to the places you want to spend more time. Unless you’re fortunate and able to go twice. I didn’t expect that and it was a fantastic treat!

  2. Congratulations, great piece and excellent photos. Greetings from The land of “The King And I” lol

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