Ever since the KidsClub at Edelweiss took our boys to the SommerSlide (actually called the ‘Sommerrodelbahn’ but the boys call it a SommerSlide), Hayden, Carson, and Bailey have been asking us to take them back.  They described this attraction to us and we could tell it was very unAmerican.  It was basically a metal slide you ride down the side of a mountain on, while sitting on a cart with a hand brake.  You wear no helmets, and you just hope the kid behind you doesn’t crash into you.  (That happened to Carson and he’s decided he’s had his fill of SommerSlides.)

By “unAmerican” I mean unsafe.  I’m a true American and I love my country to pieces, but we’ve become so safety-concious that we’re ridiculously limited in what we can do.  In Germany we see playgrounds and indoor play places with the most interesting equipment that we will never see in America.  (In my opinion, one ridiculous law is that KinderEggs are not allowed into the country.  Seriously, people.  It’s a chocolate egg with a plastic container in the center… inside the plastic container is a small toy.  Tell your kids not to eat the plastic toy!  Americans allow their children to have Lego toys and Barbie shoes… but an egg… NOPE.  No can do.  Stepping down from soap box now.)

Before we even left for our minication last week we knew we wanted see the Eagle’s Nest and some of Salzburg.  The morning of this excursion the boys asked if we could stop at the SommerSlide on the way home and we said, “Probably not.”  We assumed it’d be pretty late by the time we returned and didn’t want them to get their hopes up.

When we arrived at the tourist information office in Obersalzberg, I saw an advertisement for a SommerSlide that was only two kilometers from Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest!  I snuck the pamphlet out to Matt and asked if he was up for it… of COURSE he was!

We then told the boys we had a surprise and that we were heading there before we went to the Eagle’s Nest.  After about a ten minute drive up a steep mountain, we found our destination.  The driveway was so steep I had Matt get out and walk down to make sure it led to a parking lot or someplace I could get turned around.

Once he waved me on and we rounded the corner the boys gasped in surprise.  They had a hard time believing we were actually about to do a SommerSlide!

Hayden going down the SommerSlide.

Bailey going down the SommerSlide.  You can see Hayden in front of him… Bailey ended up crashing into Hayden.

Matt going down the SommerSlide with Parker.  (I think he has Parker in this picture… I can’t quite tell.  Parker rode it once, and only once.  While he didn’t cry, he didn’t want to go down again.)

I enjoyed my turn going down and am so glad we got to do this.  If you watch the video you can see the amazing views we had while we were riding.  You can also see the Silver Surfer in the thumbnail above.

As soon as we were done here it was lunch time.  The restaurant at the base of the slide was closed (many things are closed on Mondays) so we had a quick snack at the car before going to the Documentation Center, which is also the location of the bus stop for Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.

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5 Responses to SommerSlide

  1. Bug's Mama says:

    Holy COW, I need to go there!!! AWESOME!

  2. Christy says:

    I found one that’s really close to Neuschwanstein — we’re going to go there when we’re in Garmisch in September. Can’t wait!

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