Another Fish

This trip to Edelweiss was the first time Parker was tall enough to manage the pool all on his own.  The first day the vest got the best of him and he ended up floating on his back a lot of the time.  I refused to help him (the good lifeguard that I am) and forced him to “kick-kick-kick-kick” until he got to an edge and could right himself by holding on to the wall.  He laughed hysterically the whole time.  By the end of the first swimming session I think he went on his back on purpose!

By our next swimming session he could keep his feet on the ground a little better, and by the end of our week I didn’t even have to get in the pool with him.  (I wore my suit in case I needed to make a quick dash to rescue him, but never needed to.)

His big brothers (C&B) loved playing with him and Parker loved watching them do their tricks.  For the most part, Parker just loved walking around and around, dragging behind him an abandoned life vest.  (NOTE:  As a lifeguard/swim instructor I am against the use of life vests in pools.  I think they deter the learning-to-swim process and would have preferred Parker never wore one, unless on a boat, of course.  However, Edelweiss has a new policy that anyone under 5 is required to wear one so, thankfully, Parker didn’t object.)

Here are pictures of some of my sweet fish.

Parker was not sure about the guy with the swim cap on…

The boys made sport of belly-flopping onto unused life vests.

Eventually we have to get the fish out of the water…

…and the fish was none too fond of the idea.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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5 Responses to Another Fish

  1. jean says:

    Jennifer, HE is so sweet I could just about eat him up, I can not wait to get you home so I can hug you & kiss on you . I love you all Grannie

    • Jennifer says:

      Grannie, my kids got all their fish-like skills straight from you guys! So glad you had a pool that I could live in all summer every summer! We’ll have to bring all my boys to swim at your house next year. And I want to have watermelon by the pool and maybe even a six-foot-long Sub. For some reason, I remember having a six-foot-long sub there at some point…

  2. Joleen Hyatt says:

    Jen, the six-foot-long sub was at a church function at their house. It was either Sunday School related or when we had a reunion with the bunch that went to Israel together.

    • Jennifer says:

      That was such a good memory. I have no idea why that one sticks out so vividly. I also remember eating watermelon and spitting the seeds in the grass. Good times…

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