Made to Crave: 10 (mini-cation)

Our time in Garmisch was perfect.  It may have been our very best trip to Edelweiss yet. The days were lazy and the freezing cold rain didn’t even matter a bit to us as we were cocooned inside this massive-yet-cozy lodge with a pool, a gym, three squares a day prepared for us, maid service, and a fairly large selection of movies to borrow.  What more could we ask for?!?

Edelweiss buffet line.

As I mentioned (more than once, I’m sure) I was very nervous about leaving the safety of my own kitchen and spending so much time close to the edge of a caloric-cliffside.  I received several notes from friends letting me know they were praying for me as I prepared for this experience.

I am happy (and maybe a little surprised) to report that I was victorious in staying on my plan the entire time we were gone!  If you are the military-type and like your information BLUF (bottom line up front) you can stop reading.  That’s the bottom line.  If you’re like me and like all the details, feel free to read along.  It may be more information than you needed or ever wanted, but consider yourself forewarned.

We left the house on Thursday morning loaded with three bags of food. One was a cooler with cheese, yogurt, Slimfasts, a Diet Dew for Matt, cheese sticks, water, and of course, my creamer.  The other two bags had breakfast foods, crackers, cheerios, granola, peanuts, etc.  The things my family likes to snack on.

While Matt and I worked on last minute packing/prepapring for the trip, the boys ate breakfast.  Matt and I ate Slimfast once we were on the road.  (Okay, I don’t necessarily use Slimfast as part of my “weight loss” plan.  I just really LOVE the Rich Chocolate Royale and I love that it fills me up.  I’ve had one almost every day for the past year, as has Matt.  We both like the taste and convenience.)

We all had a snack at 10:30 and we stopped for lunch at 12:30.  For the very first time in our entire relationship, neither Matt nor I got any food at McDonald’s!  We got the boys each a nuggets Happy Meal, got back in the car, and kept driving!  Matt and I had a second Slimfast around 1:30 and then we all got a snack (that I had packed, thus, healthy)  once we arrived at the hotel.   (Matt and I ate the pre-portioned “digestive trail mix” I accidentally bought a while back… we acutally sort of like it now!)

When it was time for dinner I braced myself for the worst, fearing that I would cave at the sight of breads, creamy sauces, french fries, and cakes.  This was the moment I had feared for weeks.  I stood in the line outside the buffet and envisioned myself drawn to those things like a moth to a flame, unable to stop myself.  I then found myself praying that I would have the ability to say no to the things I was not supposed to have.  Apparently this whole, “Ask Jesus for help” thing works because I saw those things and wasn’t drawn to them.  I just didn’t put any of those delightful things on my plate!  Did you SEE THAT!?!  I didn’t put any of those things on my plate!  I ate very well and stayed within my calorie allowance! I even took a picture of my meal.  Honestly, it didn’t look nearly as good as it tasted so I’ll spare you.

And after dinner I ran for 35 minutes on the treadmill in the gym.  By the time we watched an episode of Top Shot I hadn’t even consumed the minimum amount of calories so I had some yogurt and granola!  First full day of vacation:  SUCCESS!

Day two:  For breakfast I had yogurt and granola, some fruit, and had the omelet guy make me an egg-white-no-cheese omelet and I added in onion, ham, and a lot of mushrooms.

I hit the gym for a run on the treadmill (it rained four of the six days we were there) and then did some of the exercises my trainer has taught me.

Lunch and dinner were no big deal.  I didn’t stand in the line ringing my hands and I didn’t pass the desert table wincing as if it were going to reach out and grab me.  Second day of vacation:  SUCCESS!!

Day three:  I ate the same breakfast as the day before, totally enjoying the whole “not having to cook or clean up” lifestyle.

Lunch on the third day came sooner than I was ready and I feel like I overate a bit.  I ate half of a baked chicken breast with the skin removed, veggie medley, and part of a chicken breast filet with sauteed onions and mushrooms.  It wasn’t that I ate too much necessarily, just too soon.   We were at the mercy of the hours of the restaurant we didn’t get to decide when to eat.  I should have only had one of the chicken options to keep from feeling too full.

Want to hear something CRAZY?!?  I did Insanity on my vacation!  I had even planned my exercise schedule so that I didn’t have to do two-a-days while there!  I just kinda sorta wanted to.  Afterwards I didn’t have it in me to do a “long run,” which is about 40 minutes for me right now, so I decided to do a fast-paced 2 miles and came in, happily, at 19:47.  I haven’t been pushing my speed over the past two months, because my trainer said I didn’t have to, so I was really pleased with my time.

While I have exercised on vacation before, this was different.  I was not dreading it or grumpy about it.  I was growing more empowered each day as I realized I have come a long way since my last time at Edelweiss, which was just a few months ago.  My whole mindset has changed and I didn’t look at my time in the gym as permission to have dessert with lunch and dinner.  I looked at it as a normal part of my day and I still avoided desserts altogether!

On this evening of our retreat we decided to eat at the fancy restaurant at Edelweiss.  This was a new stage for me as well.  So far, at the buffet I could load up with a veggie-heavy salad and get a piece of baked chicken.  Safe.  Almost predictable.  The boys were itching to go to Zuggies (think: Chili’s, but with fewer options).  I glanced at their menu and realized there was nothing “safe” about it.  Even the salad looked unhealthy.  So, that’s when I made the call and made reservations at Pullmans.  On their menu:  salmon!

When we got seated I was faced with something I had forgotten to brace myself for:  the bread basket.  It had the best looking bread in the world and right beside it was a dish of herbed butter that I remember having last time we ate there… which happened to be with my parents in May.  Guess what y’all?!?  I had NONE.  Zip.  Zilch.  I didn’t have a single piece of bread!  I ate my salmon and veggie medley and enjoyed my dinner.  Third day of vacation:  SUCCESS!!

Day four was a bit different.  We had breakfast at the buffet as usual but the retreat was officially over after that meal so we were on our own as far as dining was concerned.  For lunch Matt took the boys to the commissary for lunch stuff while I ran.  I began planning my meal strategy soon after my run and realized we were down to one (cost-effective) option for dinner.  Subway.  I knew I could get a really good salad there but I had had salads for lunch and dinner for four days.  I’m not a big salad person so I did research online and found a flatbread sandwich that I felt comfortable eating.  I won’t say it was the best option I could have made but I made the decision while I wasn’t hungry, while I was in my hotel room and the family was napping… it was not a rush decision.  Because it was made with intention and decided upon ahead of time, it was part of my plan, and I had no regrets.  And I still went to bed 375 green calories!  Fourth day of vacation:  SUCCESS!!

Day five was even more challenging because we were leaving the nest.  Actually, we were going to the nest.  The Eagle’s Nest!  That meant I had to pack for a full day of being out and about, away from the hotel.  I had a Slimfast for breakfast and when we arrived at the base of the Eagle’s Nest, we made the decision to eat lunch at the top… inside the house that was given to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday.

I found a yummy looking salad on the menu and ordered that.  I happily ate my salad with all sorts of strange things on it while my entire family ate one of my favorite German means:  Schnitzel!

I said “happily.”  I can’t believe I said that.  I was not at all disappointed that I was having a salad while they ate the fried goodness of Germany.  (Want to know why I was able to be happy?  I could go ‘spiritual’ on you and tell you that I am a changed woman and that I am just content with greens instead of fried yumminess.  I could tell you that because it’s mostly true.  But I was HAPPY because I was wearing my new NEW sized shirt and it was button-up and not pulling at the seams or gaping at the buttons.)

We drove through Salzburg before heading back to Garmsich, but didn’t want to stop to eat dinner.  We still had a 2.5 hour drive back and it was already 6:00.  We went through the drive-through at the golden arches and, once again, I got nothing.  (If you know me at all, this really isn’t too much of a sacrifice.  I’m not a big fan of McDonald’s when compared to all the other options in the world, but those nuggets did smell good!)

I had planned for weeks to have a treat while there, a splurge, if you will.  I made the decision to have it on the last night of vacation because it would be a good farewell to Garmisch.  We got home so late the gelato store was closed so my ice cream treat had to wait until the next day.

While I didn’t get to exercise on Monday that was okay, and still part of my plan.  It was my “one day off” during the week so I didn’t feel at all bad about it, and I still went to bed with green calories… which meant I consumed less than I was supposed to overall for the day but only by about 200.  I wasn’t even hungry.  Fifth day of vacation:  HUGE SUCCESS!!

Our final day of vacation was one of the most relaxed final-days-of-vacation we’ve ever had.  We slept in (as late as people with kids can sleep in) and got up and dressed for the pool.  Matt ran while I watched the kids swim and when he had showered and gotten in with them, I went for my run.  I did 45 before I had my breakfast because I really don’t like to run with food on my stomach.  By the time I had finished my run, showered, and packed, it was lunch time and I still hadn’t had breakfast.  We had decided that morning to have Subway again for lunch and then hit the gelato place on the way out of town.  I had the same sandwich I had had a few days prior and then, two scoops of Snickers gelato!  So yummy, but not necessarily the high I thought it would give me.  (Yes, a Christian girl just said “high.”)  I enjoyed it but it didn’t send me over the edge and it didn’t make me want to eat a tub of it.  I felt in total control and that, my friends, is success!

I had a Slimfast in the car on the way home from Garmsich while the family, I ashamedly admit, had more golden-arches nuggets.  (The best mom, I may not be.  THEY were happy, though.)   Confession time:  I ate two nuggets but I counted them in MyFitnessPal. Sixth day of vacation:  SUCCESS!!

The snacks I had packed came in handy every single day and I’m so glad we had them.  In fact, I had to restock while down there at the commissary so we could continue to have healthful snacks instead of being tempted to splurge on less-than-ideal options in the vending machines.  Even with eating McDonald’s three times, my family ate well for most of the time we were gone.

Garmisch can be considered a second home for me.  I have been there often enough to know what to expect and that helped me quite a bit.  Still nervous for Italy, which has put me on the hunt for a car-fridge!

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