Sky VBS – 2012

This year there were enough volunteers for VBS that I was able to spend some time with just Parker.  As the fourth son, he’s never had that opportunity so I cherished this week.  We spent some time at the gym and one day, at the commissary.  (Going to the commissary with only one is like vacation!)

On the afternoon of the finale the boys led worship for the parents.  All three of mine were a bit shy and timid when it came to doing the motions.  I was very proud that two of three actually attempted.  Bailey was on the very back row and the only pictures I got of him were blurry and obstructed.  So, here are a few of Carson and Hayden.  (Carson was the one who didn’t dance.)

Carson in the center, not dancing.

Parker enjoyed watching the children dance, and later, told me all about it. “BBS. Children. Dancing and music.”

My favorite story of the week was from Bailey.  He came home and told me that he had read in his Bible the verse that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  He was so excited as he told me that he had learned that very thing in Vacation Bible School and then, heard the same story on his Adventures in Odyssey.  I got to share with him that that’s how God most often speaks to me.  When He repeats the same message several times though various methods.  I loved sharing that moment with Bailey.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this year a success, many of whom don’t have children of the VBS age.  Many of our Wiesbaden youth volunteered and made great impressions on our children.

Last Year’s VBS:  Pandamania

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