Mainz Beer Fest – 2012

Last year at this event we had a very large group, the fest itself was hopping wild, and the weather was hot.  We got news that the Coopers were PCSing and Aimee got stung by a bee.  I wrote about part of our experiences in “But I don’t like beer…”  Since that date, the Coopers, Hills, Cashes, and Weemses (Weemss?) have all moved…

Today’s experience was much calmer than that, with only three families from ChapelNext braving the cold and wind to enjoy beers of multiple flavors and the fest food that makes paying $6 (over four Euros) for two hours of parking worth it.

We walked the entire length of the fest to find out what foods each family member wanted.  Bailey wanted Fish-n-chips, Carson and Matt wanted Flammkuchen, and Hayden, Parker and I wanted a brat.  On our return walk we stopped at each vendor picking up the delicious fest food we were really there for.

Hayden looking at all the many types of brats on the grill that hangs over the coals.

Hayden was very anxious to eat his brat and I wanted a picture!

I love the look of this vendor’s stand. So cute!

Another son who just wanted to eat his lunch but his mom wanted to take his picture.

These ketchup udders always fascinate me!

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