Made to Crave: 6 (friends and results)

Lysa describes in Chapter 4, which is titled “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Before Thinking,” how helpful it can be to have a friend hold you accountable.  One way I’ve been able to hold myself accountable over the past month and a half is knowing my trainer is going to see my food log.  I’m very strict about what I put in my log… if it went in my mouth, it goes in my log.  Even down to crackers.  I know that 8 of my favorite crackers is one serving.  If I eat 9, I write, 1 serving plus 1/8 of a serving.

Having a human who has a vested interest in my success has helped me to be cautious about what I eat.  (Now, I understand that my trainer’s vested interest is that she’s getting paid for me to succeed.  A close friend will have a vested interest because he or she loves you and wants to see you do well.  Both are acceptable forms of accountability!)

I got an email from a friend the other night that blew me away.  I haven’t had the chance to tell her exactly what this email meant to me but I look forward to the opportunity.  I had this particular friend in mind to be my accountability but I didn’t want to ask her because she’s already thin.  She doesn’t struggle with this.  Her email to me mentioned that she had been thinking of asking me to be an accountability partner of sorts in helping her reach a particular goal that, for her, seems out of reach.  God knew what he was doing when he put this friend on my heart… He put me on hers!

In early June I read Lysa’s descriptions of her withdrawal symptoms and she had me a bit afraid of what I was about to go through.  I am glad to say that I never experienced the severe symptoms she did, but I have been able to enjoy many of the results she described that came just after the breaking point.  For example, Sunday I wore a pair of pants I haven’t attempted to wear in years.  In fact, they’ve been hiding away in Parker’s closet! These were a pair of pants I kept telling myself I’d better wear again but never put forth the effort to get my body to fit into them.  I am loving tangible results!

Where I am today:  In addition to wearing my long-hidden pants Sunday, I weighed yesterday and found I hit a weight that was two pounds under my “wedding day weight!” I am thrilled by this and by the fact that when I lose five more pounds I’ll be considered in the “normal” range for BMI!

These tangible results are awesome, but they don’t come without a price.  Sunday afternoon I struggled with cravings that were so severe I almost caved.  I don’t know if it was because Sundays are my day off of exercise or because four of my five gentlemen woke up from their afternoon naps on the wrong sides of their beds.  (Stress and fussing apparently leave me craving a treat or a comfort food.  I learned that about myself on Sunday.)  I had to repeat the “permissible/beneficial” scripture many times Sunday and even had to employ the “brush your teeth so you don’t want to eat anything, no matter how yummy it is” tactic.  I went to bed slightly grumpy, feeling a bit deprived, however, I went to bed victorious.

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