ChapelNext Family Fun Night

A couple of weeks ago our fabulous ChapelNext had a family fun night.  We watched a movie, ate some treats, and then went outside for games. Three-legged sack races, a parachute, and my favorite:  an egg toss!

That event took me back to the “Old Fashioned Days” of Hickory Grove Baptist Church.  I wonder if anyone out there remembers those days?!?  If so, do you have pictures?  I think, outside of my fantastic youth group memories, old fashioned days are my favorite HGBC memories.

There was a bucket of water the kids were using for… well, I honestly don’t remember what it was supposed to be for but Parker had fun using it to simply get wet.  The grumpy look on his face was because I called him away from the water for a picture.

Photo credit goes to Audrey Beth.  Thanks!

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