Made to Crave: 1 (dedication)

That’s part of the introduction.  Know which line strikes both hope and fear into my heart? The last one.  “Go ahead and dare to believe that this time around things will be different.”

Hope that it will be different because I’m going at this a whole new way.  I’m looking at the things I do and eat, the decisions I make and the reasons I make them and they are wrapped in a whole new package.  I’m seeing that I do, in fact, have cravings and that when I respond to the cravings the right way, I better my body, my soul, and as a surprise and positive result, my mind.

Fear that I’ll forget what I’m reading now; forget what He’s saying so clearly to me through this book; fear that each time I get to a place where I’m at peace with my body/weight I’ll revert to my old ways, listen to the old lies, and regain the weight.  And, fear that I’ve lost all I can and reached a point I can’t pass.  (I’m currently within two pounds of where I was when I got married…  I have fear that I can’t get past that point… I had haven’t in 13 years.)

I want to share my thoughts here as a way to encourage others to read this book and take this journey, but also as a way to remind myself later of what He’s telling me now.  As I said in my post titled “Made to Crave” on the first of July, I’m underlining and highlighting many of Lysa’s words, finding a great deal of wisdom and fantastic information.  I will be posting about this topic quite a bit over the next few weeks.  If you have your own copy of the book and want to share your thoughts, I’d love to read them!

In the introduction Lysa talks about the cycle of starting another diet, losing weight, achieving a goal, and then regaining weight.  Reading her words regarding this very concept that let me know I was holding in my hands a book written by a woman I could related to.  She was like me.  In many of her words, I felt like she was me.  How did she know exactly what I was thinking? Feeling?  How did she know exactly what I struggled with when I hadn’t ever been able to actually pinpoint those struggles myself?

I have two answers that explain how:

1.  She was ordained by God to write this book.
2.  More women struggle with this than I thought.

I know many of us struggle with weight (or call it  “body image” if you want), but with this particular aspect of weight… I had never even considered.  I am not alone.  When I look back on myself and my ways of thinking before I read this book (and I’m only about halfway through it) I remember thinking that I don’t have cravings. HAHA!  I actually do have them.  I was so out of tune with what my body was saying that I didn’t even recognize cravings for what they were.

So there are my thoughts on the dedication to Made to Crave.  As I go through the many sections I’ve underlined and highlighted, I’ll share more.

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