A girl could get used to this!

Homeschooling moms have joked before about watching the school bus go by and dreaming about how nice it would be to send the kids off for six hours a day.  We joke, but at times we actually do wish we could get a break.  Most homeschooling moms I know don’t often actually complain, though.

I really do love my life and I know full well that I could send my kids to school.  They’d succeed and do well.  They’d get along with their peers and excel in their school work.  But we like our lifestyle so I don’t complain. This week, however, has been N.I.C.E.

“Why?” you ask?  Because it’s VBS week and my kids are off being taught by someone else for three hours a day and I get a break.  Most years I volunteer to help in some way but this year they had plenty of workers.  Parker and I have worked out and played together and we are really enjoying it.  He LOVES to go for a run in his… how does he say it… “show-duh.”  And I’m pretty excited that as soon as he sees me putting on my shoes he says, “Mommy ‘app-uh-size?’  Go for run the show-duh?”  (app-uh-size = exercise)  None of my other boys ever asked me that!!

My days have started off with this scene: Sitting outside on my front porch with coffee and “Made to Crave.”  I’m letting the boys sleep in thirty extra minutes.  They eat breakfast and then do their morning chores, followed by a single math lesson and thirty minutes of reading.  Actually, Hayden and Carson finished all of their math for the week over the weekend so their mornings are extra carefree. Then I drop the bigs off for three hours of fun while I go have some time to myself… well… I share those hours with Parker.

Loving it!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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