Summer buds.

Parker and Kayla are best of friends and worst of enemies.  Well, not enemies, really.  hey just happen to both be two and sometimes find themselves wanting the same exact toy at the same exact moment.  It’s during those moments that we see a fiery red-headed girl and a tough little fourth-son battle it out to the finish.  It’s pretty funny, most of the time.

I’m thankful that, for the most part, they get along well and respect each other’s boundaries.  (Yes, the babies have boundaries.  Parker isn’t allowed to play with Karen, Kayla’s special doll, and Kayla isn’t allowed to play with Parker’s snugglie.)

And beyond that, they really do love each other!

(I would have gotten my real camera out but with Kayla I have to be quick.  I was LUCKY to get this shot in the first place.  Five seconds later she had moved on.  TV isn’t her thing!)

About Jennifer

"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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