Stealing from the PX

Okay, so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.   Let me back up quite a bit… as far as yesterday, actually.

I’ve gotten caught up on my Dave Ramsey Show Podcasts which leaves me bored on my runs, so I’ve had to come up with something else to listen to.  I found a new podcast, called “Catalyst,” and I am very happy with it.  Two guys interview highly respected leaders in the Christian community: authors, speakers, preachers, musicians, etc.  During one interview I listened as the guest talked about how we show one life online that does not match our real lives.

My goal with this blog is to simply journal our lives.  To be sure, I don’t reveal all of our problems or issues, but I do touch on a lot of them.  I don’t want anyone to ever think I’m saying I’ve got this thing (life/parenting/marriage) figured out but I do want share the things I’ve learned with others.  Things that have helped me that may help someone else.

In saying that, I will be honest in saying that, had my son not redeemed himself today, I might not have thought to write this story today.  I’ll tell you the story now…

We eat at the PX food court every Sunday after church.  We pull lots of tables together so the ChapelNexters can eat as a group and spend time together.  We look forward to this time every week and budget for it accordingly.  (Did you military-types know that AAFES has a deal now that allows you to put money on a gift card then turn around and buy your food with that card, getting 10% off your meal?  This allows those of us who don’t use credit cards to benefit from the 10% off like the Military Star Card users.)

Because we don’t like the kids to have cokes often we usually make them have water.  The restaurants at the food court provide clear water cups for free and I appreciate that so much!  Today I glanced over at Bailey’s cup and it had tea in it.  Upon questioning he admitted that he had put a “little tea in his water for flavor.”  He also added 4 packets of Splenda, but that’s another matter.

I was baffled and told him that getting anything other than water was stealing from the PX.  I hadn’t paid for that cup and he had gotten something to drink.  He had no money for me to take from him so I decided that, at the very least, he was going to apologize to the restaurant before we left.

When it was time to leave I couldn’t find him.  I finally glanced and saw him standing in line at Taco Bell.  I watched as my son, who had stolen tea from the PX, apologized to the slightly confused Taco Bell employee.  He walked back toward me, his proud and beaming mom, and got a big hug.

Of course, I wish he had not taken the tea at all, but I’m thankful he had the courage and willingness to apologize.

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